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DateTitle Authors
2006 An early assessment of national allocation plans for phase 2 of EU emission tradingRogge, Karoline S. / Schleich, Joachim / Betz, Regina
2007 The merit-order effect: a detailed analysis of the price effect of renewable electricity generation on spot market prices in GermanySensfuß, Frank / Ragwitz, Mario / Genoese, Massimo
2007 Economic and environmental effects of border tax adjustmentsPeterson, Everett B. / Schleich, Joachim
2007 Determinants of residential water demand in GermanySchleich, Joachim / Hillenbrand, Thomas
2007 EU emission trading: better job second time around?Schleich, Joachim / Betz, Regina / Rogge, Karoline S.
2007 Using benchmarking for the primary allocation of EU allowances - an application to the German power sectorSchleich, Joachim / Cremer, Clemens
2007 Increased auctioning in the EU ETS and trade in guarantees of origin for renewables: a comparison of the impact on power sector producer rentsRagwitz, Mario / Resch, Gustav / Schleich, Joachim
2007 Agent-based simulation of electricity markets: a literature reviewSensfuß, Frank / Ragwitz, Mario / Genoese, Massimo / Möst, Dominik
2007 Time strategies in environmental innovation policy: the case of the mobile fuel cell and hydrogen infrastructureSartorius, Christian
2008 Why don't households see the light? Explaining the diffusion of compact fluorescent lampsMills, Bradford F. / Schleich, Joachim
2008 Incentives for energy efficiency in the EU Emissions Trading SchemeSchleich, Joachim / Rogge, Karoline S. / Betz, Regina
2009 What's driving energy efficient appliance label awareness and purchase propensity?Mills, Bradford F. / Schleich, Joachim
2009 The impact of the EU ETS on the sectoral innovation system for power generation technologies: findings for GermanyRogge, Karoline S. / Hoffmann, Volker H.
2009 A system dynamics approach for modelling a lead-market-based export potentialWalz, Rainer / Helfrich, Nicki / Enzmann, Alexander
2010 The innovation impact of EU emission trading: findings of company case studies in the German power sectorRogge, Karoline S. / Schneider, Malte / Hoffmann, Volker H.
2010 Cross-country comparison of the replacement incentives of the EU ETS in 2008-12: the case of the power sectorRogge, Karoline S. / Linden, Christian
2010 Vehicle-to-grid regulation based on a dynamic simulation of mobility behaviorDallinger, David / Krampe, Daniel / Wietschel, Martin
2010 Optimisation algorithms for the charge dispatch of plug-in vehicles based on variable tariffsLink, Jochen / Büttner, Markus / Dallinger, David / Richter, Julius
2010 New business models for electric cars: A holistic approachLerch, Christian / Kley, Fabian / Dallinger, David
2010 Evaluation of European electric vehicle support schemesKley, Fabian / Wietschel, Martin / Dallinger, David
2010 Optimizing the charge profile: Considering users' driving profilesKley, Fabian / Dallinger, David / Wietschel, Martin
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