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DateTitle Authors
2011 Some variables are more worthy than others: New diffusion index evidence on the monitoring of key economic indicatorsArmah, Nii Ayi / Swanson, Norman
2011 A new cost efficiency measure for not-for-profit firms: Evidence of a link between inefficiency and large endowmentsHughes, Joseph P.
2011 Approximation results for discontinuous games with an application to equilibrium refinementCarbonell-Nicolau, Oriol / McLean, Richard
2011 International evidence on the efficacy of new-Keynesian models of inflation persistenceKorenok, Oleg / Radchenko, Stanislav / Swanson, Norman R.
2011 Predictive density construction and accuracy testing with multiple possibly misspecified diffusion modelsCorradi, Valentina / Swanson, Norman
2011 Asymptotic distribution of JIVE in a heteroskedastic IV regression with many instrumentsChao, John C. / Swanson, Norman R. / Hausman, Jerry A. / Newey, Whitney K. / Woutersen, Tiemen
2011 Volatility in discrete and continuous time models: A survey with new evidence on large and small jumpsDuong, Diep / Swanson, Norman
2011 Capital income taxation and progessivity in a global economyAltshuler, Rosanne / Harris, Benjamin H. / Toder, Eric
2011 Predictive inference for integrated volatilityCorradi, Valentina / Distaso, Walter / Swanson, Norman R.
2011 Who said large banks don't experience scale economies? Evidence from a risk-return-driven cost functionHughes, Joseph J. / Mester, Loretta
2011 Refinements of Nash equilibrium in potential gamesCarbonell-Nicolau, Oriol / McLean, Richard P.
2011 Predictive inference under model misspecification with an application to assessing the marginal predictive content of money for outputArmah, Nii Ayi / Swanson, Norman R.
2011 Predictive inference for integrated volatilityCorradi, Valentina / Distaso, Walter / Swanson, Norman R.
2011 Instrumental variable estimation with heteroskedasticity and many instrumentsHausman, Jerry A. / Newey, Whitney K. / Woutersen, Tiemen / Chao, John / Swanson, Norman
2011 Real-time datasets really do make a difference: Definitional change, data release, and forecastingFernandez, Andres / Swanson, Norman
2011 Comparison of Bayesian model selection criteria and conditional Kolmogorov test as applied to spot asset pricing modelsShen, Xiangjin / Tsurumi, Hiroki
2011 The elusive scale economies of the largest banks and their implications for global competitivenessHughes, Joseph P.
2011 Consistency and aggregation in individual choice under uncertaintyBirchby, Jeff / Gigliotti, Gary / Sopher, Barry
2011 The origins of risk sharing: An experimental approachGazzillo, Steven / Sopher, Barry / Aktipis, Athena / Cronk, Lee
2012 A primer on market discipline and governance of financial institutions for those in a state of shocked disbeliefHughes, Joseph P. / Mester, Loretta J.
2012 Bertrand delegation games with implementability in weakly undominated SPNEShino, Junnosuke
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