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DateTitle Authors
2003 Estimating Managers' Utility Maximizing Demand for Agency GoodsHughes, Joseph P. / Moon, Choon-Geol
2003 Follow the leader? Evidence on European and US tax competitionAltshuler, Rosanne / Goodspeed, Timothy J.
2004 Assessing Central Bank Credibility During the EMS Crises : Comparing Option and Spot Market-Based ForecastsHaas, Markus / Mittnik, Stefan / Mizrach, Bruce
2004 Managerial Incentives and the Efficiency of Capital Structure in U.S. Commercial BankingHughes, Joseph P. / Lang, William W. / Moon, Choon-Geol / Pagano, Michael S.
2004 The Impact of Monetary Policy on Bond Returns : A Segmented Markets ApproachMizrach, Bruce / Occhino, Filippo
2004 Market Segmentation and the Response of the Real Interest Rate to Monetary Policy ShocksOcchino, Filippo
2004 Jobless Recovering and Equilibrium Involuntary Unemployment with a Simple Efficiency Wage ModelMay, Jinpeng
2004 The Microeconomics of Macroeconomic Asymmetries : Sectoral Driving Forces and Firm Level CharacteristicsKorenok, Oleg / Mizrach, Bruce / Radchenko, Stanislav
2004 Taxpayer Responses to Competitive Tax Policies and Tax Policy Responses to Competitive Taxpayers : Recent EvidenceAltshuler, Rosanne / Grubert, Harry
2004 Multidimensional income taxation and electoral competition : an equilibrium analysisCarbonell-Nicolau, Oriol / Ok, Efe
2004 Russian Cities in Transition : The Impact of Market Forces in the 1990sGang, Ira N. / Stuart, Robert C.
2004 Self-Selection And Earnings During Volatile TransitionDimova, Ralitza / Gang, Ira N.
2004 Market Segmentation and the `Hump-Shaped' Response of Output to Monetary Policy ShocksOcchino, Filippo
2004 Existence of Equilibrium for Segmented Markets Models with Interest Rate Monetary PoliciesOcchino, Filippo
2004 Experts Online : An Analysis of Trading Activity in a Public Internet Chat RoomMizrach, Bruce / Zhang Weerts, Susan
2004 The Role of Permanent and Transitory Components in Business Cycle Volatility ModerationKorenok, Oleg / Radchenko, Stanislav
2004 A Likelihood-Based Evaluation of the Segmented Markets Friction in Equilibrium Monetary ModelsLandon-Lane, John S. / Occhino, Filippo
2004 A Video Interview of Buz BrockMizrach, Bruce
2004 Bootstrap Procedures for Recursive Estimation Schemes With Applications to Forecast Model SelectionCorradi, Valentina / Swanson, Norman R.
2004 Predictive Density EvaluationCorradi, Valentina / Swanson, Norman R.
2004 Estimation and Testing Using Jackknife IV in Heteroskedastic Regressions With Many Weak InstrumentsChao, John C. / Swanson, Norman R.
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