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DateTitle Authors
2010 Monetary policy with heterogeneous households and financial frictionsLee, Jae Won
2010 Parallel journeys: Adam Smith and Milton Friedman on the regulation of bankingRockoff, Hugh
2010 Lender of last resort policy in a global game and the role of depositors' aggregate behavior as signalingShino, Junnosuke
2010 Management of hazardous waste and contaminated landSigman, Hilary / Stafford, Sarah
2010 Monitoring and enforcement of climate policySigman, Hilary
2011 Empirical evidence on jumps and large fluctuations in individual stocksDoung, Diep / Swanson, Norman
2011 Information in the revision process of real-time datasetsCorradi, Valentina / Fernandez, Andres / Swanson, Norman R.
2011 Seeing inside the black box: Using diffusion index methodology to construct factor proxies in largescale macroeconomic time series environmentsArmah, Nii Ayi / Swanson, Norman R.
2011 In- and out-of-sample specification analysis of spot rate models: Further evidence for the period 1982-2008Cai, Lili / Swanson, Norman R.
2011 Desperately seeking revenueAltshuler, Rosanne / Lim, Katherine / Williams, Roberton
2011 Diffusion index models and index proxies: Recent results and new directionsArmah, Nii Ayi / Swanson, Norman
2011 Sectoral price facts in a sticky-price modelCarvalho, Carlos / Lee, Jae Won
2011 War and the international trading system in the twentieth centuryRockoff, Hugh
2011 Forecasting financial and macroeconomic variables using data reduction methods: New empirical evidenceKim, Hyun Hak / Swanson, Norman R.
2011 Testing overidentifying restrictions with many instruments and heteroskedasticityChao, John C. / Hausman, Jerry A. / Newey, Whitney K. / Swanson, Norman R. / Woutersen, Tiemen
2011 Methods for computing marginal data densities from the gibbs outputFuentes-Albero, Cristina / Melosi, Leonardo
2011 The market microstructure of the European Climate ExchangeMizrach, Bruce / Otsubo, Yoichi
2011 Understanding U.S. corporate tax lossesAltshuler, Rosanne / Auerbach, Alan J. / Cooper, Michael / Knittel, Matthew
2011 Aggregate implications of heterogeneous households in a sticky-price modelLee, Jae Won
2011 Fiscal consolidation in America: The policy optionsAltshuler, Rosanne / Bosworth, Barry
2011 Some variables are more worthy than others: New diffusion index evidence on the monitoring of key economic indicatorsArmah, Nii Ayi / Swanson, Norman
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