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DateTitle Authors
2012 Bertrand delegation games with implementability in weakly undominated SPNEShino, Junnosuke
2012 A primer on market discipline and governance of financial institutions for those in a state of shocked disbeliefHughes, Joseph P. / Mester, Loretta J.
2011 The origins of risk sharing: An experimental approachGazzillo, Steven / Sopher, Barry / Aktipis, Athena / Cronk, Lee
2011 Consistency and aggregation in individual choice under uncertaintyBirchby, Jeff / Gigliotti, Gary / Sopher, Barry
2011 The elusive scale economies of the largest banks and their implications for global competitivenessHughes, Joseph P.
2011 Comparison of Bayesian model selection criteria and conditional Kolmogorov test as applied to spot asset pricing modelsShen, Xiangjin / Tsurumi, Hiroki
2011 Real-time datasets really do make a difference: Definitional change, data release, and forecastingFernandez, Andres / Swanson, Norman
2011 Instrumental variable estimation with heteroskedasticity and many instrumentsHausman, Jerry A. / Newey, Whitney K. / Woutersen, Tiemen / Chao, John / Swanson, Norman
2011 Predictive inference for integrated volatilityCorradi, Valentina / Distaso, Walter / Swanson, Norman R.
2011 Predictive inference under model misspecification with an application to assessing the marginal predictive content of money for outputArmah, Nii Ayi / Swanson, Norman R.
2011 Refinements of Nash equilibrium in potential gamesCarbonell-Nicolau, Oriol / McLean, Richard P.
2011 Who said large banks don't experience scale economies? Evidence from a risk-return-driven cost functionHughes, Joseph J. / Mester, Loretta
2011 Predictive inference for integrated volatilityCorradi, Valentina / Distaso, Walter / Swanson, Norman R.
2011 Capital income taxation and progessivity in a global economyAltshuler, Rosanne / Harris, Benjamin H. / Toder, Eric
2011 Volatility in discrete and continuous time models: A survey with new evidence on large and small jumpsDuong, Diep / Swanson, Norman
2011 Asymptotic distribution of JIVE in a heteroskedastic IV regression with many instrumentsChao, John C. / Swanson, Norman R. / Hausman, Jerry A. / Newey, Whitney K. / Woutersen, Tiemen
2011 Predictive density construction and accuracy testing with multiple possibly misspecified diffusion modelsCorradi, Valentina / Swanson, Norman
2011 International evidence on the efficacy of new-Keynesian models of inflation persistenceKorenok, Oleg / Radchenko, Stanislav / Swanson, Norman R.
2011 Approximation results for discontinuous games with an application to equilibrium refinementCarbonell-Nicolau, Oriol / McLean, Richard
2011 A new cost efficiency measure for not-for-profit firms: Evidence of a link between inefficiency and large endowmentsHughes, Joseph P.
2011 Some variables are more worthy than others: New diffusion index evidence on the monitoring of key economic indicatorsArmah, Nii Ayi / Swanson, Norman
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