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Proceedings of the German Development Economics Conference, 2006 (Berlin)

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DateTitle Authors
2006 Credit for what? Informal credit as a coping strategy of market women in northern GhanaSchindler, Kati
2006 Diffusion of information among small-scale farmers in Senegal: the concept of Farmer Field SchoolsPemsl, Diemuth E. / Waibel, Hermann / Witt, Rudolf
2006 The Pathways out of Poverty in Rural Indonesia: an empirical assessmentTimmer, Peter / Weisbrod, Julian / McCulloch, Neil
2006 The role of food from natural resources in reducing vulnerability to poverty: a case study from ZimbabweAkinnifesi, Festus / Waibel, Hermann / Mithöfer, Dagmar
2006 International Lessons for the Property Price Boom in South AfricaWagner, Helmut / Kißmer, Friedrich / Funke, Norbert
2006 Creating National Poverty Profiles and Growth Incidence Curves with Incomplete Income or Consumption Expenditure Data: An Application to BoliviaSpatz, Julius / Klasen, Stephan / Grosse, Melanie
2006 Bargaining over Fertility in Rural EthiopiaSeebens, Holger
2006 Local Financial Development and the Aid-Growth RelationshipSayek, Selin / Nkusu, Mwanza
2006 The debt-growth nexus in poor countries: a reassessmentPresbitero, Andrea F.
2006 A Multilevel Approach to Explain Child Mortality and Undernutrition in South Asia and Sub-Saharan AfricaMisselhorn, Mark / Harttgen, Kenneth
2006 Bringin? Home the Curry and Givin? it away: Commercial Ventures of NGOs in BangladeshLY, Pierre-Emmanuel
2006 Bankruptcy law, bonded labor and inequalityMookherjee, Dilip / von Lilienfeld-Toal, Ulf
2006 Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation in Developing Countries: Evidence from Panel DataLéger, Andréanne
2006 Competitive and Segmented Informal Labor MarketsLaunov, Andrey / Günther, Isabel
2006 Determinants of the Growth Semi-Elasticity of Poverty ReductionMisselhorn, Mark / Klasen, Stephan
2006 Industrial Policy in an Imperfect WorldHodler, Roland
2006 Export Diversification, Externalities and Growth: Evidence for ChileHerzer, Dierk / Nowak-Lehmann D., Felicitas
2006 Are twin currency and debt crises special?Herz, Bernhard / Bauer, Christian / Karb, Volker
2006 Households' Vulnerability to Covariate and Idiosyncratic ShocksHarttgen, Kenneth / Günther, Isabel
2006 Mortality and survivors' consumptionGrimm, Michael
2006 Financial Liberalisation, Bureaucratic Corruption and EconomicBlackburn, Keith / Forgues-Puccio, Gonzalo F.
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