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Proceedings of the German Development Economics Conference, 2005 (Kiel)

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DateTitle Authors
2005 Aid, Policies and Growth: A Non-Canonical Alternative for solving This Puzzle.Fuentes, Raúl
2005 Equality, Market, Profit, Growth - Small-Scale Industry and the Expansion of Mass Markets with Reference to an Empirical Research in AlgeriaElsenhans, Hartmut
2005 The Lamentable Return of the Big Push in Economic DevelopmentEasterly, William
2005 IMF and Economic Growth: The Effects of Programs, Loans, and Compliance with ConditionalityDreher, Axel
2005 Investment and credit effects of land titling and registration:de Laiglesia, Juan R.
2005 Cost Efficiency of Domestic and Foreign Banks in Thailand: Evidence from Panel DataChantapong, Saovanee / Menkhoff, Lukas
2005 Gender Inequality and TradeSpielmann, Christian / Busse, Matthias
2005 Coping Strategies in Post-War Rural MozambiqueBrück, Tilman
2005 The Political Economy of Corruption and and the Role of Financial InstitutionsHainz, Christa / Boerner, Kira
2005 Does Good Governance Contribute to Pro-poor Growth?: A Conceptual Framework and Empirical Evidence from Cross-Country StudiesResnick, Danielle / Birner, Regina
2005 Is Rural Income Diversity Pro-Growth? Is It Pro-Poor? Evidence from GeorgiaFraser, Iain / Davis, Junior / Balcombe, Kelvin / Bezemer, Dirk
2005 Robust Lessons about Practical Early Warning SystemsSawischlewski, Katja / Menkhoff, Lukas / Beckmann, Daniela
2005 Micro-credit, risk coping and the incidence of rural-to-urban migrationAhsan, Quamrul
2005 Foreseeing another HIPC: The response of a post-HIPC economyAbbas, Syed M. Ali
2005 Uganda: No more pro-poor growth?Kappel, Robert / Lay, Jann / Steiner, Susan
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