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DateTitle Authors
2006 Why does the average price paid fall during high demand periods?Nevo, Aviv / Hatzitaskos, Konstantinos
2006 Understanding why universal service obligations may be unnecessary: The private development of local internet access marketsDownes, Tom / Greenstein, Shane M
2006 Empirical models of imperfect competition: A discussionEinav, Liran / Nevo, Aviv
2005 Coordination games, multiple equilibria and the timing of radio commercialsSweeting, Andrew
2005 Technology adoption in and out of major urban areas: When do internal firm resources matter most?Forman, Chris / Goldfarb, Avi / Greenstein, Shane M
2005 The sunk cost bias and managerial pricing practicesAl-Najjar, Nabil / Baliga, Sandeep / Besanko, David
2005 Product variety and demand uncertaintyCarlton, Dennis W. / Dana, James D.
2005 Efficient exclusionMoen, Espen R. / Riis, Christian
2005 On the relationship between historic cost, forward-looking cost and long run marginal costRogerson, William P.
2005 Career concerns and optimal disclosure policyMukherjee, Arijit
2005 Contracting with third partiesBaliga, Sandeep / Sjöström, Tomas
2005 When is price discrimination profitable?Anderson, Eric T. / Dana, James D.
2004 Storable good monopoly: The role of commitmentDudine, Paolo / Hendel, Igal / Lizzeri, Alessandro
2004 Relational delegationAlonso, Ricardo / Matouschek, Niko
2004 Coordination vs. differentiation in a standards war: 56K modemsAugereau, Angelique / Greenstein, Shane M / Rysman, Marc
2004 Coordination costs and standard setting: Lessons from 56K modemsGreenstein, Shane M / Rysman, Marc
2004 The post-promotion dip puzzle: What do the data have to say?Hendel, Igal / Nevo, Aviv
2004 Does the source of capital affect capital structure?Faulkender, Michael / Petersen, Mitchell A.
2004 The over-concentrating nature of simultaneous ascending auctionsZheng, Charles Zhoucheng
2004 Inter-temporal substitution and storable productsHendel, Igal / Nevo, Aviv
2004 Price discrimination and copyright law: Evidence from the introduction of DVDsMortimer, Julie Holland
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