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DateTitle Authors
2003 Buyer groups as strategic commitmentsDana, James D.
2003 Consumer learning about established firms: Evidence from the automobile insuranceIsrael, Mark
2004 Manufacturer Liability for Harms Caused by Consumers to OthersHay, Bruce / Spier, Kathryn E.
2004 Do We Drive More Safely When Accidents are More Expensive? Identifying Moral Hazard from Experience Rating SchemesIsrael, Mark
2004 Information and Externalities in Sequential LitigationHua, Xinyu / Spier, Kathryn E.
2004 Trigger happy or gun shy? : Dissolving common-value partnerships with Texas shootoutsBrooks, Richard / Spier, Kathryn E.
2004 The Economic Geography of Internet Infrastructure in the United StatesGreenstein, Shane M
2004 Antitrust in innovative industriesSegal, Ilya R. / Whinston, Michael D.
2004 Estimating standard errors in finance panel data sets: Comparing approachesPetersen, Mitchell A.
2004 Sales and consumer inventoryHendel, Igal / Nevo, Aviv
2004 Detecting collusionPorter, Robert H.
2004 Market power in the England and Wales wholesale electricity market, 1995 - 2000Sweeting, Andrew
2004 Music variety, station listenership and station ownership in the radio industrySweeting, Andrew
2004 Coordination, differentiation and the timing of radio commercialsSweeting, Andrew
2004 On the optimality of privacy in sequential contractingCalzolari, Giacomo / Pavan, Alessandro
2004 Product variety and competition in the retail market for eyeglassesWatson, Randal
2004 Why wonder bread lost no dough: Materiality, settlements and the FTC's ad sustantiation programHiggins, Richard S. / McChesney, Fred S.
2004 Efficient sorting in a dynamic adverse-selection modelHendel, Igal / Lizzeri, Alessandro / Siniscalchi, Marciano
2004 Price discrimination and copyright law: Evidence from the introduction of DVDsMortimer, Julie Holland
2004 Inter-temporal substitution and storable productsHendel, Igal / Nevo, Aviv
2004 The over-concentrating nature of simultaneous ascending auctionsZheng, Charles Zhoucheng
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