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DateTitle Authors
1999 Patterns of trade in the market for used durables: Theory and evidencePorter, Robert H. / Sattler, Peter
1999 Empirical implications of equilibrium bidding in first-price, symmetric, common value auctionsHendricks, Kenneth / Pinkse, Joris / Porter, Robert H.
2000 Product choice and oligopoly market structureMazzeo, Michael J.
2000 Commercialization of the internet: The interaction of public policy and private choices or why introducing the market worked so wellGreenstein, Shane M
2000 Product differentiation and mergers in the carbonated soft drink industryDubé, Jean-Pierre
2000 The rise of mass consumption societiesMatsuyama, Kiminori
2000 On the transaction costs determinants of vertical integrationWhinston, Michael D.
2000 Demand, competition, and the returns to chain affiliationMazzeo, Michael J.
2000 Settlement with multiple plaintiffs: The role of insolvencySpier, Kathryn E.
2000 Building and delivering the virtual world: Commercializing services for internet accessGreenstein, Shane M
2000 Competitive outcomes in product-differentiated oligopolyMazzeo, Michael J.
2000 Does distance still matter? The information revolution in small business lendingPetersen, Mitchell A. / Rajan, Raghuram G.
2000 A theory of utilization reviewDranove, David / Spier, Kathryn E.
2000 Revenue sharing and vertical control in the video rental marketDana, James D. / Spier, Kathryn E.
2000 Exclusive contracts and protection of investmentsSegal, Ilya R. / Whinston, Michael D.
2000 Contracting and enforcement with a self-regulatory organizationDeMarzo, Peter M. / Fishman, Michael J. / Hagerty, Kathleen M.
2001 The use of 'most-favored-nation' clauses in settlement of litigationSpier, Kathryn E.
2001 Price and non-price restraints when retailers are vertically differentiatedSpiegel, Yossi
2001 When does start-up innovation spur the gale of creative destruction?Gans, Joshua S. / Hsu, David H. / Stern, Scott
2001 Does function follow organizational form? Evidence from the lending practices of large and small banksBerger, Allen N. / Miller, Nathan H. / Petersen, Mitchell A. / Rajan, Raghuram G. / Stein, Jeremy C.
2001 Universal access and local internet markets in the United StatesDownes, Tom / Greenstein, Shane M
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