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DateTitle Authors
2003 Buyer groups as strategic commitmentsDana, James D.
2003 Tenure dependence in consumer-firm relationships: An empirical analysis of consumer departures from automobile insurance firmsIsrael, Mark
2003 Lectures on Antitrust Economics, Chapter 3: Horizontal MergersWhinston, Michael D.
2003 Lectures on Antitrust Economics, Chapter 2: Price FixingWhinston, Michael D.
2003 Lectures on Antitrust Economics, Chapter 1: IntroductionWhinston, Michael D.
2003 Partial cross ownership and tacit collusionSpiegel, Yossi / Gilo, David
2003 Entry Deterrence in Hospital Procedure Markets: A Simple Model of Learning-by-DoingDafny, Leemore
2003 Bidding Rings and the Winner's Curse: The Case of Federal Offshore Oil and Gas Lease AuctionsHendricks, Ken / Porter, Robert H. / Tan, Guofu
2003 The Boundary of the Firm in a Model of Trade Within a HierarchyLevy, Nadav
2003 How did Location Affect Adoption of the Commercial Internet? Global Village, Urban Density and Industry CompositionForman, Chris / Goldfarb, Avi / Greenstein, Shane M
2003 Evaluating the Performance of Merger Simulation: Evidence from the U.S. Airline IndustryPeters, Craig
2003 Differentiation Strategy and Market Deregulation: Local Telecommunication Entry in the Late 1990sGreenstein, Shane M / Mazzeo, Michael J.
2002 Antitrust policy and hospital mergers: Recommendations for a new approachCapps, Cory S. / Dranove, David / Greenstein, Shane M / Satterthwaite, Mark
2002 Information and the optimal ownership structure of firmsMatouschek, Niko
2002 Digital dispersion: An industrial and geographic census of commercial internet useForman, Chris / Goldfarb, Avi / Greenstein, Shane M
2001 Entry and entry deterrence in a duopoly marketDana, James D. / Spier, Kathryn E.
2001 Simple menus of contracts in cost-based procurement and regulationRogerson, William P.
2001 The silent majority fallacy of the Elzinga-Hogarty criteria: A critique and new approach to analyzing hospital mergersCapps, Cory S. / Dranove, David / Greenstein, Shane M / Satterthwaite, Mark
2001 Robust predictions for bilateral contracting with externalitiesSegal, Ilya R. / Whinston, Michael D.
2001 Competition in price and availability when avalilability is unobservableDana, James D.
2001 Universal access and local internet markets in the United StatesDownes, Tom / Greenstein, Shane M
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