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DateTitle Authors
2013 Usage-based pricing and demand for residential broadbandNevo, Aviv / Turner, John L. / Williams, Jonathan W.
2013 Mergers when prices are negotiated: Evidence from the hospital industryGowrisankaran, Gautam / Nevo, Aviv / Town, Robert
2013 Nonlinear pricing of storable goodsHendel, Igal / Lizzeri, Alessandro / Roketskiy, Nikita
2013 Small steps for workers, a giant leap for productivityHendel, Igal / Spiegel, Yossi
2013 Platform pricing under dispersed informationPavan, Alessandro / Jullien, Bruno
2013 Auctioning resource rightsHendricks, Kenneth / Porter, Robert H.
2013 Complements and substitutes in sequential auctions: The case of water auctionsDonna, Javier / Espin-Sanchez, Jose-Antonio
2013 Repairing the damage: The effect of price expectations on auto-repair price quotesBusse, Meghan R. / Israeli, Ayelet / Zettelmeyer, Florian
2013 Do prices and attributes explain international differences in food purchases?Dubois, Pierre / Griffith, Rachel / Nevo, Aviv
2013 The illiquidity of water marketsDonna, Javier / Espin-Sanchez, Jose-Antonio
2012 Vertical mergers in the video programming and distribution industry: The case of Comcast-NBCURogerson, William
2012 Social learning and innovation cyclesGarfagnini, Umberto / Strulovici, Bruno
2012 Who is exposed to gas prices? How gasoline prices affect automobile manufacturers and dealershipsBusse, Meghan R. / Kittel, Christopher R. / Zettelmeyer, Florian
2011 Renegotiation-proof contracts with moral hazard and persistent private informationStrulovici, Bruno
2011 Merger policy with merger choiceNocke, Volker / Whinston, Michael D.
2011 Intertemporal price discrimination in storable goods marketsHendel, Igal / Nevo, Aviv
2011 Does retailer power lead to exclusion?Rey, Patrick / Whinston, Michael D.
2010 Pain at the pump: The effect of gasoline prices on new and used automobile marketsBusse, Meghan R. / Knittel, Christopher / Zettelmeyer, Florian
2010 Recent developments in empirical IO: Dynamic demand and dynamic gamesAguirregabiria, Victor / Nevo, Aviv
2010 Taking the dogma out of econometrics: Structural modeling and credible inferenceNevo, Aviv / Whinston, Michael
2010 Evidence of a modest price decline in US broadband servicesGreenstein, Shane / McDevitt, Ryan
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