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DateTitle Authors
2011 Constrained optimization approaches to estimation of structural modelsSu, Che-Lin / Judd, Kenneth L.
2011 Price discrimination through communicationSher, Itai / Vohra, Rakesh
2011 Renegotiation-proof contracts with moral hazard and persistent private informationStrulovici, Bruno
2011 Increasing interdependence of multivariate distributionsMeyer, Margaret / Strulovici, Bruno
2011 Tougher educational exam leading to worse selectionde Carvalho Andrade, Eduardo / De Castro, Luciano I.
2010 Ambiguity aversion solves the conflict between efficiency and incentive compatibilityDe Castro, Luciano I. / Yannelis, Nicholas C.
2010 Direct democracy, political delegation, and responsibility substitutionPrato, Carlo / Strulovici, Bruno
2010 Preference for randomization: Ambiguity aversion and inequality aversionSaito, Kota
2010 Sustainable reputations with rating systemsEkmekci, Mehmet
2010 Concentration and self-censorship in commercial mediaGermano, Fabrizio / Meier, Martin
2010 Multi-parameter mechanism design and sequential posted pricingChawla, Shuchi / Hartline, Jason / Malec, David / Sivan, Balasubramanian
2010 Incomplete contracts in dynamic gamesHarstad, Bård
2010 A cooperative value for Bayesian gamesKalai, Adam / Kalai, Ehud
2010 Beauty contests and irrational exuberance: A neoclassical approachAngeletos, George-Marios / Lorenzoni, Guido / Pavan, Alessandro
2010 The dynamics of innovationGarfagnini, Umberto / Strulovici, Bruno
2010 When are signals complements or substitutes?Börgers, Tilman / Hernando-Veciana, Angel / Kröhmer, Daniel
2010 Communication, timing, and common learningSteiner, Jakub / Stewart, Colin
2010 Affiliation, equilibrium existence and revenue ranking of auctionsDe Castro, Luciano I.
2010 Adverse selection and liquidity distortion in decentralized marketsChang, Briana
2010 How to allocate research (and other) subsidiesEnsthaler, Ludwig / Giebe, Thomas
2010 Common knowledge of rationality and market clearing in economies with asymmetric informationBen-Porath, Elchanan / Heifetz, Aviad
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