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DateTitle Authors
2000 Optimal multiproduct nonlinear pricing with correlated consumer typesSpiegel, Yossi / Wilkie, Simon
2000 Game theory and industrial organizationBagwell, Kyle / Wolinsky, Asher
2001 Channel choice and coordination in a remanufacturing environmentSavaskan, Rezzan Canan
2001 The strategic decentralization of reverse channels and price discrimination through buyback paymentsSavaskan, Rezzan Canan / van Wassenhove, Luk N.
2001 Stationary equlibria in asset-pricing models with incomplete markets and collateralKubler, Felix / Schmedders, Karl
2001 Rationalizable outcomes of large independent private-value first-price discrete auctionsDekel, Eddie / Wolinsky, Asher
2002 Controlling price volatility through financial innovationCitanna, Alessandro / Schmedders, Karl
2002 Tilting the supply schedule to enhance competition in uniform-price auctionsLiCalzi, Marco / Pavan, Alessandro
2003 Convergence of a dynamic matching and bargaining market with two-sided incomplete information to perfect competitionSatterthwaite, Mark / Shneyerov, Artyom
2003 Foundations of Markov-perfect industry dynamics: existence, purification, and multiplicityDoraszelski, Ulrich / Satterthwaite, Mark
2004 Single and multi-dimensional optimal auctions: a network approachMalakhov, Alexey / Vohra, Rakesh V.
2004 Beyond icebergs: modeling globalization as biased technical changeMatsuyama, Kiminori
2004 Dominant strategy mechanisms with multidimensional typesGui, Hongwei / Müller, Rudolf / Vohra, Rakesh V.
2004 A political economy model of congressional careersDiermeier, Daniel / Keane, Michael P. / Merlo, Antonio
2004 An economic analysis of acting whiteAusten-Smith, David / Fryer, Roland G.
2004 Credit market imperfections and patterns of international trade and capital flowsMatsuyama, Kiminori
2004 What to maximize if you mustHeifetz, Aviad / Shannon, Chris / Spiegel, Yossi
2004 The price of adviceEső, Péter / Szentes, Balázs
2004 Monopoly with resaleCalzolari, Giacomo / Pavan, Alessandro
2004 On the optimality of privacy in sequential contractingCalzolari, Giacomo / Pavan, Alessandro
2004 Social learning in one-arm bandit problemsRosenberg, Dinah / Solan, Eilon / Vieille, Nicolas
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