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DateTitle Authors
2010 Contract design and insurance fraud: An experimental investigationLammers, Frauke / Schiller, Jörg
2010 Foreign patenting in Germany: 1877 - 1932Degner, Harald / Streb, Jochen
2010 Real wages and the business cycle in GermanyMarczak, Martyna / Beissinger, Thomas
2010 Guns and butter - but no margarine: The impact of Nazi economic policies on German food consumtion, 1933-38Spoerer, Mark / Streb, Jochen
2010 Does downward nominal wage rigidity dampen wage increases?Stüber, Heiko / Beissinger, Thomas
2011 Engel curves, spatial variation in prices and demand for commodities in Côte d'IvoireGbakou, Monnet Benoit Patrick / Sousa-Poza, Alfonso
2011 Earnings shocks and tax-motivated income-shifting: Evidence from European multinationalsDharmapala, Dhammika / Riedel, Nadine
2011 Verhaltensmodelle fur Softwareagenten im Public Goods GameMüller, Marcus / Stern, Guillaume / Jacob, Ansger / Kirn, Stefan
2011 Qualitatives, räumliches Schließen zur Kollisionserkennung und Kollisionsvermeidung autonomer BDI-AgentenSchuele, Michael / Kirn, Stefan
2011 Asymmetric obligationsRiedel, Nadine / Schildberg-Hörisch, Hannah
2011 Die Währungskrisenunion: Die Euro-Verschuldung der Nationalstaaten als Schwachstelle der EWUSpahn, Peter
2011 Causes of persistent productivity differences in the West German states in the period from 1950 to 1990Waidlein, Nicole
2011 Measuring social capital and innovation in poor agricultural communities: The case of Cháparra, PeruHartmann, Dominik / Arata, Atilio
2011 Die Entwicklung des Lebensstandards im Dritten Reich: Eine glücksökonomische PerspektiveWahl, Fabian
2011 R&D and knowledge dynamics in university-industry relationships in biotech and pharmaceuticals: An agent-based modelTriulzi, Giorgio / Scholz, Ramon / Pyka, Andreas
2011 Anwendung des öffentlichen Vergaberechts auf moderne IT SoftwareentwicklungsverfahrenMüller-Hengstenberg, Claus D. / Kirn, Stefan
2011 Work hours constraints and healthBell, David / Otterbach, Steffen / Sousa-Poza, Alfonso
2011 Avoiding evolutionary inefficiencies in innovation networksPyka, Andreas
2011 Quantitative Clusteridentifikation auf Ebene der deutschen Stadt- und Landkreise (1999-2008)Rukwid, Ralf / Christ, Julian P.
2011 Inter-firm R&D networks in the global pharmaceutical biotechnology industry during 1985 - 1998: A conceptual and empirical analysisKrogmann, Yin / Schwalbe, Ulrich
2011 Respondent incentives in contingent valuation: The role of reciprocityAhlheim, Michael / Börger, Tobias / Frör, Oliver
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