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DateTitle Authors
2011 A direct test of socially desirable responding in contingent valuation interviewsBörger, Tobias
2011 A behavioral macroeconomic model with endogenous boom-bust cycles and leverage dynamcisScheffknecht, Lukas / Geiger, Felix
2011 Respondent incentives in contingent valuation: The role of reciprocityAhlheim, Michael / Börger, Tobias / Frör, Oliver
2011 Inter-firm R&D networks in the global pharmaceutical biotechnology industry during 1985 - 1998: A conceptual and empirical analysisKrogmann, Yin / Schwalbe, Ulrich
2011 Quantitative Clusteridentifikation auf Ebene der deutschen Stadt- und Landkreise (1999-2008)Rukwid, Ralf / Christ, Julian P.
2011 Avoiding evolutionary inefficiencies in innovation networksPyka, Andreas
2011 Work hours constraints and healthBell, David / Otterbach, Steffen / Sousa-Poza, Alfonso
2011 Anwendung des öffentlichen Vergaberechts auf moderne IT SoftwareentwicklungsverfahrenMüller-Hengstenberg, Claus D. / Kirn, Stefan
2011 R&D and knowledge dynamics in university-industry relationships in biotech and pharmaceuticals: An agent-based modelTriulzi, Giorgio / Scholz, Ramon / Pyka, Andreas
2011 Die Entwicklung des Lebensstandards im Dritten Reich: Eine glücksökonomische PerspektiveWahl, Fabian
2011 Measuring social capital and innovation in poor agricultural communities: The case of Cháparra, PeruHartmann, Dominik / Arata, Atilio
2011 Causes of persistent productivity differences in the West German states in the period from 1950 to 1990Waidlein, Nicole
2011 Die Währungskrisenunion: Die Euro-Verschuldung der Nationalstaaten als Schwachstelle der EWUSpahn, Peter
2011 Asymmetric obligationsRiedel, Nadine / Schildberg-Hörisch, Hannah
2011 Qualitatives, räumliches Schließen zur Kollisionserkennung und Kollisionsvermeidung autonomer BDI-AgentenSchuele, Michael / Kirn, Stefan
2011 Verhaltensmodelle fur Softwareagenten im Public Goods GameMüller, Marcus / Stern, Guillaume / Jacob, Ansger / Kirn, Stefan
2011 Earnings shocks and tax-motivated income-shifting: Evidence from European multinationalsDharmapala, Dhammika / Riedel, Nadine
2011 Engel curves, spatial variation in prices and demand for commodities in Côte d'IvoireGbakou, Monnet Benoit Patrick / Sousa-Poza, Alfonso
2010 Does downward nominal wage rigidity dampen wage increases?Stüber, Heiko / Beissinger, Thomas
2010 Guns and butter - but no margarine: The impact of Nazi economic policies on German food consumtion, 1933-38Spoerer, Mark / Streb, Jochen
2010 Real wages and the business cycle in GermanyMarczak, Martyna / Beissinger, Thomas
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