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DateTitle Authors
2014 Network evolution, success, and regional development in the European aerospace industryGuffarth, Daniel / Barber, Michael J.
2014 Ranking the performance of national innovation systems in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America from a neo-Schumpeterian economics perspectiveParedes-Frigolett, Harold / Pyka, Andreas / Pereira, Javier / Gomes, Luiz Flávio Autran Monteiro
2014 Non-financial hurdles for human capital accumulation: Landownership in Korea under Japanese ruleJun, Bogang / Kim, Tai-Yoo
2014 The tradeoff between fertility and education: Evidence from the Korean development pathJun, Bogang / Lee, Joongho
2014 Chinese urbanites and the preservation of rare species in remote parts of the country: The example of EaglewoodAhlheim, Michael / Frör, Oliver / Langenberger, Gerhard / Pelz, Sonna
2014 Varieties of knowledge-based bioeconomiesUrmetzer, Sophie / Pyka, Andreas
2014 Outlier detection in structural time series models: The indicator saturation approachMarczak, Martyna / Proietti, Tommaso
2014 The geography of stock exchanges in Imperial GermanyBurhop, Carsten / Lehmann-Hasemeyer, Sibylle H.
2014 Job insecurity, employability, and health: An analysis for Germany across generationsOtterbach, Steffen / Sousa-Poza, Alfonso
2014 Maternal employment and childhood obesity in China: Evidence from the China Health and Nutrition SurveyNie, Peng / Sousa-Poza, Alfonso
2014 Intelligente (Software-)Agenten: Eine neue Herausforderung für die Gesellschaft und unser Rechtssystem?Kirn, Stefan / Müller-Hengstenberg, Claus D.
2013 The European aerospace R&D collaboration networkGuffarth, Daniel / Barber, Michael J.
2013 Kartellbekämpfung und interne Kartellstrukturen: Ein netzwerktheoretischer AnsatzSaitis, Athanasios
2013 Risiken aus Cloud-Computing-Services: Fragen des Risikomanagements und Aspekte der VersicherbarkeitHaas, Andreas / Hofmann, Annette
2013 Subprime and euro crisis: Should we blame the economists?Spahn, Peter
2013 Does medieval trade still matter? Historical trade centers, agglomeration and contemporary economic developmentWahl, Fabian
2013 The influence of ethnicity and culture on the valuation of environmental improvements: Results from a CVM study in Southwest ChinaAhlheim, Michael / Börger, Tobias / Frör, Oliver
2013 Migration and innovation: A surveyRashidi, Sheida / Pyka, Andreas
2013 Capital income shares and income inequality in the European UnionSchlenker, Eva / Schmid, Kai D.
2013 The success factors of technology-sourcing through mergers & acquisitions: An intuitive meta-analysisSchön, Benjamin / Pyka, Andreas
2013 Turkish-German innovation networks in the European research landscapeProstolupow, Irene / Pyka, Andreas / Heller-Schuh, Barbara
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