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DateTitle Authors
2012 Conceptualizing urban adaptation to climate change: Findings from an applied adaptation assessment frameworkJohnson, Katie / Breil, Margaretha
2012 The possibilities for the development of tourism in the Appennino Lucano Val d'Agri Lagonegrese National Park: A participative qualitative-quantitative approachBencivenga, Angelo / Breil, Margaretha / Cassinelli, Mariaester / Chiarullo, Livio / Percoco, Annalisa
2012 Improving land-use modelling within CGE to assess forest-based mitigation potential and costsMichetti, Melania / Parrado, Ramiro
2012 What social cost of carbon? A mapping of the climate debatePerrissin Fabert, Baptiste / Dumas, Patrice / Hourcade, Jean-Charles
2012 Regulatory distance and the transfer of new environmentally sound technologies: Evidence from the automobile sectorDechezleprêtre, Antoine / Perkins, Richard / Neumayer, Eric
2012 Returns in commodities futures markets and financial speculation: A multivariate GARCH approachManera, Matteo / Nicolini, Marcella / Vignati, Ilaria
2012 Development finance for universal energy accessGualberti, Giorgio / Bazilian, Morgan / Haites, Erik / Carvalho, Maria da Graça
2011 Impacts of border carbon adjustments on China's sectoral emissions: Simulations with a dynamic computable general equilibrium modelBao, Qin / Tang, Ling / Zhang, ZhongXiang / Qiao, Han / Wang, Shouyang
2011 Why do firms hold oil stockpiles?Mason, Charles F.
2011 Work values in Western and Eastern EuropeTorgler, Benno
2011 Designing carbon taxation schemes for automobiles: A simulation exercise for GermanyAdamou, Adamos / Clerides, Sofronis / Zachariadis, Theodoros
2011 The environment and directed technical change: CommentHourcade, Jean-Charles / Pottier, Antonin / Espagne, Etienne
2011 Incentives and stability of international climate coalitions: An integrated assessmentBosetti, Valentina / Carraro, Carlo / De Cian, Enrica / Massetti, Emanuele / Tavoni, Massimo
2011 Evaluating the impacts of the EU-ETS on prices, investments and profits of the Italian electricity marketPonenti, Francesca / Oggioni, Giorgia / Allevi, Elisabetta / Marangoni, Giacomo
2011 Combining climate and energy policies: Synergies or antagonism? Modeling interactions with energy efficiency instrumentsLecuyer, Oskar / Bibas, Ruben
2011 Technological change, fuel efficiency and carbon intensity in electricity generation: A cross-country empirical studyVerdolini, Elena / Johnstone, Nick / Hascic, Ivan
2011 Environmental regulations, market structure and technological progress in renewable energy technology: A panel data study on wind turbinesRübbelke, Dirk / Weiss, Pia
2011 Corruption and environmental policy: An alternative perspectiveLapatinas, Athanasios / Litina, Anastasia / Sartzetakis, Eftichios S.
2011 Civil liability, safety and nuclear parks: Is concentrated management better?Mondello, Gérard
2011 The fight against geography: Malaria and economic development in Italian regionsPercoco, Marco
2011 Intellectual property and biodiversity: When and where are property rights important?Sarr, Mare / Swanson, Tim
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