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DateTitle Authors
2012 Environmental policy and directed technological change: Evidence from the European carbon marketCalel, Raphael / Dechezleprêtre, Antoine
2012 REMIND-D: A hybrid energy-economy model of GermanySchmid, Eva / Knopf, Brigitte / Bauer, Nico
2012 Oil price dynamics, macro-finance interactions and the role of financial speculationMorana, Claudio
2012 Oil revenues, ethnic fragmentation and political transition of authoritarian regimesCologni, Alessandro / Manera, Matteo
2012 Assessing the economic impacts of climate change: An updated CGE point of viewBosello, Francesco / Eboli, Fabio / Pierfederici, Roberta
2012 Regulating global biodiversity: What is the problem?Swanson, Tim / Groom, Ben
2012 The market value of variable renewablesHirth, Lion
2012 Cross-border intellectual property rights: Contract enforcement and absorptive capacityNaghavi, Alireza / Tsai, Yingyi
2012 River sharing and water tradeAnsink, Erik / Gengenbach, Michael / Weikard, Hans-Peter
2012 Identity, homophily and in-group biasCurrarini, Sergio / Menge, Friederike
2012 The nexus land-use model, an approach articulating biophysical potentials and economic dynamics to model competition for land-usesSouty, F. / Brunelle, T. / Dumas, P. / Dorin, B. / Ciais, P. / Crassous, R.
2012 Beyond GDP: Modelling labour supply as a "free time" trade-off in a multiregional optimal growth modelBosetti, Valentina / Ghersi, Frédéric
2012 The oil price-macroeconomy relationship since the mid-1980s: A global perspectiveMorana, Claudio
2012 Technology spillovers embodied in international trade: Intertemporal, regional and sectoral effects in a global CGEDe Cian, Enrica / Parrado, Ramiro
2012 Energy balance climate models, damage reservoirs and the time profile of climate change policyBrock, William / Engstrom, Gustav / Xepapadeas, Anastasios
2012 Brown sunsets and green dawns in the industrial sector: Environmental innovations, firm behavior and the European emission tradingBorghesi, Simone / Cainelli, Giulio / Mazzanti, Massimiliano
2012 Modelling land use, land-use change, and forestry in climate change: A review of major approachesMichetti, Melania
2012 Fossil fuel extraction and climate policy: A review of the green paradox with endogenous resource explorationÖsterle, Ines
2012 Trade in a "green growth" development strategy global scale issues and challengesde Melo, Jaime
2012 Adaptive policy mechanisms for transboundary air pollution regulation: Reasons and recommendationsKelly, J. Andrew / Vollebergh, Herman R. J.
2012 Return on investment from industrial energy efficiency: Evidence from developing countriesAlcorta, Ludovico / Bazilian, Morgan / De Simone, Giuseppe / Pedersen, Ascha
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