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DateTitle Authors
2008 Stability and success of regional fisheries management organizationsPintassilgo, Pedro / Finus, Michael / Lindroos, Marko / Munro, Gordon
2008 Repeated games played in a networkKinateder, Markus
2008 A network model of price dispersionPasini, Giacomo / Pin, Paolo / Weidenholzer, Simon
2008 Abatement cost uncertainty and policy instrument selection under a stringent climate policy: A dynamic analysisBosetti, Valentina / Golub, Alexander / Markandya, Anil / Massetti, Emanuele / Tavoni, Massimo
2008 Science-policy communication for improved water resources management: Contributions of the Nostrum-DSS projectDepietri, Yaella / Giupponi, Carlo
2008 Language diversity in urban landscapes: An econometric studyOnofri, Laura / Nunes, Paulo A. L. D. / Cenoz, Jasone / Gortner, Durk
2008 Firms' international status and heterogeneity in performance: Evidence from ItalyCasaburi, Lorenzo / Gattai, Valeria / Minerva, G. Alfredo
2008 Sticks and carrots for the design of international climate agreements with renegotiationsWeikard, Hans-Peter / Dellink, Rob B.
2008 Learning form expertsValsecchi, Irene
2008 Environmental regulation and horizontal mergers in the eco-industryCanton, Joan / David, Maia / Sinclair-Desgagné, Bernard
2008 Contributing or free-riding? A theory of endogenous lobby formationFurusawa, Taiji / Konishi, Hideo
2008 The political economy of incentive regulation: Theory and evidence from US statesGuerriero, Carmine
2008 Geographical distribution of crime in Italian provinces: A spatial econometric analysisCracolici, Maria Francesca / Uberti, Teodora Erika
2008 Opportunity and choice in social networksPin, Paolo / Franz, Silvio / Marsili, Matteo
2008 Measuring service quality: The opinion of Europeans about utilitiesFerrari, Pieralda A. / Salini, Silvia
2008 On the economics of rational self-medicationAkpalu, Wisdom
2008 On policy interactions among nations: When do cooperation and commitment matter?Kempf, Hubert / von Thadden, Leopold
2008 Does social capital mitigate precariousness?Sabatini, Fabio
2008 The maximal payoff and coalition formation in coalitional gamesZhao, Jingang
2008 Bilingualism and communicative benefitsGabszewicz, Jean / Ginsburgh, Victor / Weber, Shlomo
2008 The labor market impact of immigration in Western Germany in the 1990'sD'Amuri, Francesco / Ottaviano, Gianmarco I. P. / Peri, Giovanni
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