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DateTitle Authors
2002 On national and international trade in greenhouse gas emission permitsRehdanz, Katrin / Tol, Richard S. J.
2002 Using conjoint analysis to estimate farmers' preferences for cattle traits in West AfricaTano, Kouadio / Faminow, Merle D. / Kamuanga, Mulumba / Swallow, Brent
2002 What does monetary policy reveal about central bank's preferences?Castelnuovo, Efrem / Surico, Paolo
2002 The economics of a "mixed blessing" effect: A case study of the Black SeaKnowler, Duncan / Barbier, Edward B.
2002 Technological change in economic models of environmental policy: A surveyLöschel, Andreas
2002 Stable coalitionsCarraro, Carlo / Marchiori, Carmen
2002 Rockets and feathers revisited: An international comparison on European gasoline marketsGaleotti, Marzio / Lanza, Alessandro / Manera, Matteo
2002 Stable international environmental agreements: An analytical approachDiamantoudi, Effrosyni / Sartzetakis, Eftichios S.
2002 Neoclassical convergence versus technological catch-up: A contribution for reaching a consensusDesdoigts, Alain
2002 Renewable resources and waste recyclingDiVita, Giuseppe
2002 Is training more frequent when wage compression is higher? Evidence from 11 European countriesBrunello, Giorgio
2002 Endogenous fluctuations and the role of monetary policyKurz, Mordecai / Jin, Hehui / Motolese, Maurizio
2002 Escaping lock-in: The scope for a transition towards sustainable growth?Gerlagh, Reyer / Hofkes, Marjan W.
2002 The use of common property resources: A dynamic modelMoretto, Michele / Rosato, Paolo
2002 Macroeconomic effects of an energy saving policy in the public sectorQuirion, Philippe
2002 Dynamic and distributional effects of environmental revenue recycling schemes: Simulations with a general equilibrium model of the Italian economyRoson, Roberto
2002 Single-peakedness and disconnected coalitionsBrams, Steven J. / Jones, Michael A. / Kilgour, D. Marc
2002 Environmental policy and growth when inputs are differentiated in pollution intensityRicci, Francesco
2002 The core in the presence of externalitiesKóczy, Lásló À.
2002 Devaluation (levels versus rates) and balance of payments in a cash-in-advance economyPetrucci, Alberto
2002 Economic and environmental sustainability: A dynamic approach in insular systemsCavallaro, Fausto / Ciraolo, Luigi
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