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DateTitle Authors
2002 On national and international trade in greenhouse gas emission permitsRehdanz, Katrin / Tol, Richard S. J.
2004 Marginal abatement cost curves in general equilibrium: The influence of world energy pricesKlepper, Gernot / Peterson, Sonja
2004 The amenity value of climate to German householdsRehdanz, Katrin / Maddison, David
2004 The EU emissions trading scheme allowance prices, trade flows, competitiveness effectsKlepper, Gernot / Peterson, Sonja
2004 Is There any Scope for Corporatism in Stabilization Policies?Di Bartolomeo, Giovanni / Acocella, Nicola / Pauwels, Wilfried
2004 Environmental Innovation, War of Attrition and Investment GrantsMoretto, Michele / Dosi, Cesare
2004 Does Endogenous Technical Change Make a Difference in Climate Policy Analysis? A Robustness Exercise with the FEEM-RICE ModelGaleotti, Marzio / Carraro, Carlo
2004 On the Incidence of a Tax on Pure Rent with Infinite HorizonsPetrucci, Alberto
2004 Microsimulating the Effects of Household Energy Price Changes in SpainRodríguez, Miguel / Labeaga, José M.
2004 An Almost Ideal Sharing Scheme for Coalition Games with ExternalitiesEyckmans, Johan / Finus, Michael
2004 Non-pecuniary Value of Employment and Individual Labor SupplyFarzin, Y. Hossein / Akao, Ken-Ichi
2004 How Consistent are Alternative Short-Term Climate Policies with Long-Term Goals?Bosetti, Valentina / Galeotti, Marzio / Lanza, Alessandro
2004 Spatial Analysis: Development of Descriptive and Normative Methods with Applications to Economic-Ecological ModellingXepapadeas, Anastasios / Brock, William
2004 Multidimensional Mechanism Design: Revenue Maximization and the Multiple-Good MonopolyManelli, Alejandro M. / Vincent, Daniel R.
2005 Emissions trading, CDM, JI, and more: The climate strategy of the EUKlepper, Gernot / Peterson, Sonja
2005 R&D Networks Among Unionized FirmsVannetelbosch, Vincent / Mauleon, Ana / Sempere-Monerris, José
2005 Key Environmental InnovationsHuber, Joseph
2005 Does Hazardous Waste Matter? Evidence from the Housing Market and the Superfund ProgramGreenstone, Michael / Gallagher, Justin
2005 Assessing Climate Change Impacts: AgricultureBosello, Francesco / Zhang, Jian
2005 Are EU Environmental Policies Too Demanding for New Members States?Pellegrini, Lorenzo / Gerlagh, Reyer
2005 Abuse of Competitive FringeCapuano, Carlo
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