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DateTitle Authors
2011 Population aging and individual attitudes toward immigration: Disentangling age, cohort and time effectsCalahorrano, Lena
2011 Prioritätsfragen im Verhältnis von Ökonomik, Ethik und Ontologie: Prolegomena zu einem transdisziplinären Fundament der NaturökonomikHenrich, Károly
2011 Is there wisdom in a second opinion? Shadowing the ECB and the Bank of EnglandNeuenkirch, Matthias / Siklos, Pierre L.
2011 How does income inequality affect cooperation and punishment in public good settings?Prediger, Sebastian
2011 Does the stock market value the inclusion in a sustainability stock index? An event study analysis for German firmsOberndorfer, Ulrich / Wagner, Marcus / Ziegler, Andreas
2011 The heterogeneity of default costs: Evidence from recent sovereign debt crisesJorra, Markus
2011 Enforcing IPR through informal institutions: The possible role of religion in fighting software piracyElbialy, Nora / Gouda, Moamen
2011 Incentives and the delegation of decision making power in sovereign wealth fundsGrigoryan, Artur
2011 Threshold effects in the monetary policy reaction function of the Deutsche BundesbankMandler, Martin
2011 International financial integration and national price levels: The role of the exchange rate regimeHoffmann, Mathias / Tillmann, Peter
2011 The trophy effectBühren, Christoph / Pleßner, Marco
2011 Bayesian estimation of a DSGE model with inventoriesFoerster, Marcel
2011 Estimating and predicting household expenditures and income distributionsDai, Jing / Sperlich, Stefan / Zucchini, Walter
2011 Demystifying Sraffa's theory of value in the light of Arrow and DebreuNaqvi, Nadeem
2011 Behind closed doors: Revealing the ECB's decision ruleHayo, Bernd / Méon, Pierre-Guillaume
2011 Cross-checking optimal monetary policy with information from the Taylor ruleTillmann, Peter
2011 Reputation and forecast revisions: Evidence from the FOMCTillmann, Peter
2011 Feed-in-tariffs financed by energy taxes: When do they lower consumer prices?von Wangenheim, Georg / Müller, Tom
2011 A theory of dynamic tariff and quota retaliationKeenan, Donald C. / Naqvi, Nadeem / Pech, Gerald
2011 Towards sustainable carbon markets: Requirements for ecologically effective, economically efficient, and socially just emissions trading schemesRudolph, Sven / Lenz, Christine / Lerch, Achim / Volmert, Barbara
2011 Agglomeration, congestion, and regional unemployment disparitiesZierahn, Ulrich
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