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DateTitle Authors
2011 Agglomeration, congestion, and regional unemployment disparitiesZierahn, Ulrich
2011 The effects of legislated tax changes in GermanyHayo, Bernd / Uhl, Matthias
2011 Heuristic model selection for leading indicators in Russia and GermanySavin, Ivan / Winker, Peter
2011 Assessing judicial efficiency of Egyptian First Instance Courts: A DEA analysisElbialy, Nora / García-Rubio, Miguel A.
2011 Efficiency-wage hypothesis and the operational production patternNaqvi, Nadeem / Schürg, Carolin V.
2011 How to provide access to next generation networks? The effect of risk allocation on investment and cooperation incentivesBender, Christian M.
2011 Economic page turnersFrank, Björn
2011 Central bank transparency and financial market expectations: The case of emerging marketsNeuenkirch, Matthias
2011 Coexistence of service- and facility-based competition: The relevance of access prices for "make-or-buy"-decisionsBender, Christian M. / Götz, Georg
2011 Do Federal Reserve Bank presidents pursue regional or national interests? New evidence based on speechesHayo, Bernd / Neuenkirch, Matthias
2011 Estimating and predicting the distribution of the number of visits to the medical doctorDai, Jing / Zucchini, Walter / Sperlich, Stefan
2011 Wie der klimapolitische Patient Japan den Anweisungen des umweltökonomischen Doktors folgte: Eine Analyse nationaler Treibhausgas-Emissionshandelssysteme in JapanRudolph, Sven
2011 Wo sind all die Klimamärkte hin? Eine polit-ökonomische Analyse nationaler Emissionshandelssysteme in JapanRudolph, Sven
2011 How to deal with resale price maintenance: What can we learn from empirical results?Kretschmer, Jürgen-Peter
2011 Monetary policy transmission in vector autoregressions: A new approach using central bank communicationNeuenkirch, Matthias
2011 Biased quality investments and organisational structures in network industries: An application to the railway industryPakula, Benjamin / Götz, Georg
2011 International trade and unemployment: The worker-selection effectde Pinto, Marco / Michaelis, Jochen
2011 The effects of high skilled immigration in a dual labour market with union wage setting and fiscal redistributionBonn, Moritz
2011 Here today, gone tomorrow? Regional labor mobility of German university graduatesKrabel, Stefan / Flöther, Choni
2011 Monetary policy committee transparency: Measurement, determinants, and economic effectsHayo, Bernd / Mazhar, Ummad
2011 Learning-by-doing in two sectors, production structure, leisure and optimal endogenous growthGöcke, Matthias
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