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DateTitle Authors
2008 Assessing spill-over effects of US monetary policy and macroeconomic announcements on financial markets in ArgentinaHayo, Bernd / Neuenkirch, Matthias
2008 Product quality in a simple OLG model of scientific competitionAlbert, Max
2008 Margin squeeze in fixed-network telephony markets: competitive or anticompetitive?Briglauer, Wolfgang / Götz, Georg / Schwarz, Anton
2008 Do regional trade and specialization drive intra-regional risk-sharing?Pfeffer, Barbara
2008 The (economic) effects of lay participation in courts: a cross-country analysisVoigt, Stefan
2008 Values and norms matter: on the basic determinants of long-run economic developmentVoigt, Stefan / Park, Sang-Min
2008 Europäische Medienmärkte: Die Rolle der WettbewerbspolitikBudzinski, Oliver
2008 Die Lohnkurve in Deutschland unter Berücksichtigung des regionalen PreisniveausEckey, Hans-Friedrich / Kosfeld, Reinhold / Werner, Alexander
2009 Using accounting data in cartel damage calculations: blessing or menace?Paha, Johannes
2009 Anyone up for helping the fisherman's wife? More solidarity with accidental misery than with man-made miseryFrank, Björn / Li, Sha / Meisenzahl, Stephan / Minich, Heike / Muraro, Nina
2009 When economic growth is less than exponentialGroth, Christian / Koch, Karl-Josef / Steger, Thomas M.
2009 Does education engender cultural values that matter for economic growth?Bangwayo-Skeete, Prosper F. / Rahim, Afaf H. / Zikhali, Precious
2009 Firing versus continuing employment if an economic setback is expectedGöcke, Matthias
2009 The impact of U.S. central bank communication on European and Pacific equity marketsHayo, Bernd / Kutan, Ali M. / Neuenkirch, Matthias
2009 Taxation, corruption and the exchange rate regimeHefeker, Carsten
2009 Does arbitration blossom when state courts are bad?Voigt, Stefan
2009 The Taylor rule and interest rate uncertainty in the US 1970-2006Mandler, Martin
2009 Bank of Canada communication and the predictability of Canadian monetary policyHayo, Bernd / Neuenkirch, Matthias
2009 The Fed's perceived Phillips curve: vidence from individual FOMC forecastsTillmann, Peter
2009 Individual heterogeneity, group interaction, and co-operative behaviour: evidence from a common-pool resource experiment in South Africa and NamibiaHayo, Bernd / Vollan, Björn
2009 Domestic or U.S. news: what drives Canadian financial markets?Hayo, Bernd / Neuenkirch, Matthias
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