MAGKS Joint Discussion Paper Series in Economics, Universität Marburg


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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Forward or backward looking? The economic discourse and the observed realityLüdering, Jochen; Winker, Peter
2016 The fragility of meta-regression models in observational researchBruns, Stephan B.
2016 Green nudges: Do they work? Are they ethical?Schubert, Christian
2016 A survey of the empirical evidence on PWYW pricingGreiff, Matthias; Egbert, Henrik
2016 The influences of social context on the measurement of distributional preferencesGreiff, Matthias; Ackermann, Kurt A.; Murphy, Ryan O.
2016 Directed technical change and energy intensity dynamics: Structural change vs. energy efficiencyHaas, Christian; Kempa, Karol
2016 A crime 2.0: Cybercrime, e-talent, and institutionsCho, Seo-Young
2016 Patent settlements in the pharmaceutical industry: What can we learn from economic analysis?Frank, Severin; Kerber, Wolfgang
2016 Local and spatial cointegration in the wage curve: A spatial panel analysis for German regionsKosfeld, Reinhold; Dreger, Christian
2016 Examination rules and student effortMichaelis, Jochen; Schwanebeck, Benjamin
2015 Complexity and model comparison in agent based modeling of financial marketsMandes, Alexandru; Winker, Peter
2015 Same place, same knowledge - same people? The geography of non-patent citations in Dutch polymer patentsHeinisch, Dominik; Nomaler, Önder; Buenstorf, Guido; Franken, Koen; Lintsen, Harry
2015 Optimal monetary and macroprudential policy in a currency unionPalek, Jakob; Schwanebeck, Benjamin
2015 Elementary logic for philosophy of science and economic methodologyAlbert, Max
2015 Preselection and expert adviceSchulte, Elisabeth; Felgenhauer, Mike
2015 The value of a joint liability scheme: Estimating group support for German LandesbankenKäfer, Benjamin
2015 Money priming and social behavior of natural groups in simple bargaining and dilemma experimentsMichailova, Julija; Bühren, Christoph
2015 Tipping versus cooperating to supply a public goodBarrett, Scott; Dannenberg, Astrid
2015 The optimal monetary and fiscal policy mix in a financially heterogeneous monetary unionPalek, Jakob
2015 The influence of media use on laymen's monetary policy knowledge in GermanyHayo, Bernd; Neuenkirch, Edith
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 379