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DateTitle Authors
2004 Economic Policy and Prospects in IraqCrane, Keith / Block,, William / Foote, Christopher / Gray, Simon
2004 Eyes on the Prize: How Did the Fed Respond to the Stock Market?Tootell, Geoff / Fuhrer, Jeff
2004 Wives? Work and Family Income MobilityBradbury, Katharine / Katz, Jane
2004 Massachusetts Business Taxes: Unfair? Inadequate? Uncompetitive?Tannenwald, Robert
2004 Educational Opportunity and Income InequalityHendel, Igal / Shapiro, Joel / Willen, Paul
2004 Financial Development, Financial Constraints, and the Volatility of Industrial OutputLarrain, Borja
2004 Do Bank Mergers Affect Federal Reserve Check Volume?Stavins, Joanna
2004 Is Poland the Next Spain?Caselli, Francesco / Tenreyro, Silvana
2004 Interstate Fiscal Disparity in State Fiscal Year 1999Tannenwald, Robert / Turner, Nicholas
2004 Social Security and Unsecured DebtHurst, Erik / Willen, Paul
2005 The taxation of equity, dividends, and stock pricesKopcke, Richard W.
2005 Pension accounting and corporate earnings: The world according to GAAPFortune, Peter
2005 Deciding to distrustBohnet, Iris / Meier, Stephan
2005 Lifecycle prices and productionAguiar, Mark / Hurst, Erik
2005 Alternative measures of the Federal Reserve Banks' cost of equity capitalBarnes, Michelle L. / Lopez, Jose A.
2005 Risk bearing, implicit financial services, and specialization in the financial industryWang, J. Christina / Basu, Susanto
2006 Do households benefit from financial deregulation and innovation? The case of the mortgage marketGerardi, Kristopher / Rosen, Harvey S. / Willen, Paul
2006 Social dynamics of obesityBurke, Mary / Heiland, Frank
2006 Collateralized borrowing and life-cycle portfolio choiceWillen, Paul / Kubler, Felix
2006 Consumer behavior and payment choice: A conference summaryCrowe, Marianne / Schuh, Scott / Stavins, Joanna
2007 The Boston Fed study of consumer behavior and payment choice: A survey of Federal Reserve System employeesBenton, Marques / Blair, Krista / Crowe, Marianne / Schuh, Scott
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