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DateTitle Authors
2007 The Boston Fed study of consumer behavior and payment choice: A survey of Federal Reserve System employeesBenton, Marques / Blair, Krista / Crowe, Marianne / Schuh, Scott
2007 Managing the risk in pension plans and recent pension reformsKopcke, Richard W.
2007 Selection into financial literacy programs: Evidence from a field studyMeier, Stephan / Sprenger, Charles
2007 Consumer behavior and payment choice: 2006 conference summaryCarten, Margaret / Littman, Dan / Schuh, Scott / Stavins, Joanna
2007 Optimal retirement asset decumulation strategies: The impact of housing wealthSun, Wei / Triest, Robert K. / Webb, Anthony
2007 The theory of life-cycle saving and investingBodie, Zvi / Treussard, Jonathan / Willen, Paul
2008 Summary of the Workshop on Consumer Behavior and Payment ChoiceSchuh, Scott / Stavins, Joanna
2008 Making sense of the subprime crisisGerardi, Kristopher S. / Lehnert, Andreas / Sherland, Shane M. / Willen, Paul S.
2008 A new approach to raising social security's earliest eligibility ageHaverstick, Kelly / Sapozhnikov, Margarita / Triest, Robert K. / Zhivan, Natalia
2008 Why does unemployment hurt the employed? Evidence from the life satisfaction gap between the public and private sectorsLuechinger, Simon / Meier, Stephan / Stutzer, Alois
2008 Subprime facts: What (we think) we know about the subprime crisis and what we don'tFoote, Christopher L. / Gerardi, Kristopher / Goette, Lorenz / Willen, Paul S.
2008 Subprime mortgages, foreclosures, and urban neighborhoodsGerardi, Kristopher S. / Willen, Paul S.
2008 Negative equity and foreclosure: Theory and evidenceFoote, Christopher L. / Gerardi, Kristopher / Willen, Paul S.
2009 Impending US spending bust? The role of housing wealth as borrowing collateralCooper, Daniel
2009 Did easy credit lead to overspending? Home equity borrowing and household behavior in the early 2000sCooper, Daniel
2009 A TIPS scorecard: Are TIPS accomplishing what they were supposed to accomplish? Can they be improved?Barnes, Michelle L. / Bodie, Zvi / Triest, Robert K. / Wang, J. Christina
2009 Reinvigorating Springfield's economy: Lessons from resurgent citiesKodrzycki, Yolanda K. / Muñoz, Ana Patricia / Browne, Lynn / Green, DeAnna / Benton, Marques / Chakrabarti, Prabal / Plasse, David / Walker, Richard / Zhao, Bo
2009 Reducing foreclosuresFoote, Christopher L. / Gerardi, Kristopher S. / Goette, Lorenz / Willen, Paul S.
2009 Reviving mortgage securitization: Lessons from the Brady plan and duration analysisGumbau-Brisa, Fabià / Mann, Catherine L.
2009 Why don't lenders renegotiate more home mortgages? Redefaults, self-cures, and securitizationAdelino, Manuel / Gerardi, Kristopher / Willen, Paul S.
2009 Securitization and moral hazard: Evidence from a lender cutoff ruleBubb, Ryan / Kaufman, Alex
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