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DateTitle Authors
2012 Effects of credit scores on consumer payment choiceHayashi, Fumiko / Stavins, Joanna
2012 Why did so many people make so many ex post bad decisions? The causes of the foreclosure crisisFoote, Christopher L. / Gerardi, Kristopher S. / Willen, Paul S.
2011 Securitization and moral hazard: Evidence from credit score cutoff rulesBubb, Ryan / Kaufman, Alex
2011 Adopting, using, and discarding paper and electronic payment instruments: Variation by age and raceMann, Ronald J.
2011 Account-to-account electronic money transfers: Recent developments in the United StatesShy, Oz
2011 An economic analysis of the 2010 proposed settlement between the department of justice and credit card networksSchuh, Scott / Shy, Oz / Stavins, Joanna / Triest, Robert
2011 Oil and the macroeconomy in a changing world: A conference summaryFoote, Christopher L. / Little, Jane S.
2011 Quantifying the role of federal and state taxes in mitigating income inequalityCooper, Daniel H. / Lutz, Byron F. / Palumbo, Michael G.
2011 The 2009 survey of consumer payment choiceFoster, Kevin / Meijer, Erik / Schuh, Scott / Zabek, Michael A.
2011 Do borrower rights improve borrower outcomes? Evidence from the foreclosure processGerardi, Kristopher / Lambie-Hanson, Lauren / Willen, Paul S.
2011 Classroom peer effects and student achievementBurke, Mary A. / Sass, Tim R.
2011 Economic literacy and inflation expectations: Evidence from a laboratory experimentBurke, Mary A. / Manz, Michael
2010 $1.25 trillion is still real money: Some facts about the effects of the Federal Reserve's mortgage market investmentsFuster, Andreas / Willen, Paul S.
2010 A profile of the mortgage crisis in a low-and-moderate-income communityFisher, Lynn / Lambie-Hanson, Lauren / Willen, Paul S.
2010 Jobs in Springfield, Massachusetts: Understanding and remedying the causes of low resident employment ratesKodrzycki, Yolanda K. / Muñoz, Ana Patricia / Browne, Lynn / Green, DeAnna / Benton, Marques / Chakrabarti, Prabal / Walker, Richard / Zhao, Bo
2010 Who gains and who loses from credit card payments? Theory and calibrationsSchuh, Scott / Shy, Oz / Stavins, Joanna
2010 The 2008 survey of consumer payment choiceFoster, Kevin / Meijer, Erik / Schuh, Scott / Zabek, Michael A.
2010 Person-to-person electronic funds transfers: Recent developments and policy issuesShy, Oz
2010 Reasonable people did disagree: Optimism and pessimism. About the US housing market before the crashGerardi, Kristopher S. / Foote, Christopher L. / Willen, Paul S.
2010 Mobile payments in the United States at retail point of sale: Current market and future prospectsCrowe, Marianne / Rysman, Marc / Stavins, Joanna
2009 Securitization and moral hazard: Evidence from a lender cutoff ruleBubb, Ryan / Kaufman, Alex
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