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DateTitle Authors
2010 Characterizing the amount and speed of discounting proceduresJamison, Dean T. / Jamison, Julian C.
2010 The asymmetric effects of tariffs on intra-firm trade and offshoring decisionsDíez, Federico J.
2010 A short survey of network economicsShy, Oz
2010 Some Evidence on the Importance of Sticky WagesBarattieri, Alessandro / Basu, Susanto / Gottschalk, Peter
2010 Public and private valuesAriely, Dan / Bracha, Anat / L'Huillier, Jean-Paul
2010 Imputing household spending in the panel study of income dynamics: A comparison of approachesCooper, Daniel
2010 The sensitivity of long-term interest rates to economic news: CommentBarnes, Michelle L. / Pancost, N. Aaron
2010 Internal sources of finance and the great recessionBarnes, Michelle L. / Pancost, N. Aaron
2010 The distress premium puzzleOzdagli, Ali K.
2010 In search of real rigiditiesGopinath, Gita / Itskhoki, Oleg
2010 Moral hazard, peer monitoring, and microcredit: Field experimental evidence from ParaguayCarpenter, Jeffrey / Williams, Tyler
2010 Strategic choice of preferences: The persona modelWolpert, David H. / Jamison, Julian / Newth, David / Harre, Michael
2010 The financial structure of startup firms: The role of assets, information, and entrepreneur characteristicsSanyal, Paroma / Mann, Catherine L.
2010 Affective decision making: A theory of optimism biasBracha, Anat / Brown, Donald J.
2010 Insuring consumption using income-linked assetsFuster, Andreas / Willen, Paul S.
2009 Real estate brokers and commission: Theory and calibrationsShy, Oz
2009 Trends in U.S. family income mobility, 1967-2004Bradbury, Katharine / Katz, Jane
2009 Inflation persistenceFuhrer, Jeffrey C.
2009 Estimating the border effect: Some new evidenceGopinath, Gita / Gourinchas, Pierre-Olivier / Hsieh, Chang-Tai / Li, Nicholas
2009 Why are (some) consumers (finally) writing fewer checks? The role of payment characteristicsSchuh, Scott / Stavins, Joanna
2009 State-dependent pricing and optimal monetary policyLie, Denny
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