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DateTitle Authors
2009 State-dependent pricing and optimal monetary policyLie, Denny
2009 Housing and debt over the life cycle and over the business cycleIacoviello, Matteo / Pavan, Marina
2009 Geographic variations in a model of physician treatment choice with social interactionsBurke, Mary A. / Fournier, Gary M. / Prasad, Kislaya
2009 Closed-form estimates of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve with time-varying trend inflationBarnes, Michelle L. / Gumbau-Brisa, FabiĆ  / Lie, Denny / Olivei, Giovanni P.
2009 Empirical estimates of changing inflation dynamicsFuhrer, Jeff / Olivei, Giovanni / Tootell, Geoffrey M. B.
2009 Social and private learning with endogenous decision timingJamison, Julian / Owens, David / Woroch, Glenn A.
2009 Estimating demand in search markets: The case of online hotel bookingsKoulayev, Sergei
2009 Efficient organization of production: Nested versus horizontal outsourcingShy, Oz / Stenbacka, Rune
2009 Another hidden cost of incentives: The detrimental effect on norm enforcementFuster, Andreas / Meier, Stephan
2009 The optimal level of deposit insurance coverageManz, Michael
2009 The valuation channel of external adjustmentGhironi, Fabio / Lee, Jaewoo / Rebucci, Alessandro
2009 Productivity, welfare, and reallocation: Theory and firm-level evidenceBasu, Susanto / Pascali, Luigi / Schiantarelli, Fabio / Serven, Luis
2009 Seeds to succeed: Sequential giving to public projectsBracha, Anat / Menietti, Michael / Vesterlund, Lise
2009 Multiple selves in intertemporal choiceJamison, Julian / Wegener, Jon
2009 Financial leverage, corporate investment, and stock returnsOzdagli, Ali K.
2009 Has overweight become the new normal? Evidence of a generational shift in body weight normsBurke, Mary A. / Heiland, Frank / Nadler, Carl
2008 The value of risk: Measuring the service output of U.S. commercial banksBasu, Susanto / Inklaar, Robert / Wang, J. Christina
2008 The responsiveness of married women's labor force participation to income and wages: Recent changes and possible explanationsBradbury, Katharine / Katz, Jane
2008 Race, obesity, and the puzzle of gender specificityBurke, Mary A. / Heiland, Frank
2008 Subprime outcomes: Risky mortgages, homeownership experiences, and foreclosuresGerardi, Kristopher / Shapiro, Adam Hale / Willen, Paul S.
2008 Designing state aid formulas: The case of a new formula for distributing municipal aid in MassachusettsZhao, Bo / Bradbury, Katherine
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