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DateTitle Authors
2010 Characterizing the amount and speed of discounting proceduresJamison, Dean T. / Jamison, Julian C.
2010 What explains differences in foreclosure rates? A response to Piskorski, Seru, and VigAdelino, Manuel / Gerardi, Kristopher / Willen, Paul
2010 Wage setting patterns and monetary policy: International evidenceOlivei, Giovanni / Tenreyro, Silvana
2011 Explaining gender-specific racial differences in obesity using biased self-reports of food intakeBurke, Mary A. / Heiland, Frank W.
2011 Games with synergistic preferencesJamison, Julian C.
2011 Core competencies, matching, and the structure of foreign direct investmentDíez, Federico J. / Spearot, Alan C.
2011 Inflation dynamics when inflation is near zeroFuhrer, Jeffrey C. / Olivei, Giovanni P. / Tootell, Geoffrey M. B.
2011 Further investigations into the origin of credit score cutoff rulesBubb, Ryan / Kaufman, Alex
2011 Managing self-confidence: Theory and experimental evidenceMöbius, Markus M. / Niederle, Muriel / Niehaus, Paul / Rosenblat, Tanya S.
2011 Estimation of forward-looking relationships in closed form: An application to the new Keynesian Phillips curveBarnes, Michelle L. / Gumbau-Brisa, Fabià / Lie, Denny / Olivei, Giovanni P.
2011 House price growth when kids are teenagers: a path to higher intergenerational achievement?Cooper, Daniel / Luengo-Prado, María José
2011 A response to Cogley and Sbordone's comment on Closed-form estimates of the new Keynesian Phillips curve with time-varying trend inflationGumbau-Brisa, Fabià / Lie, Denny / Olivei, Giovanni P.
2011 Trends in U.S. Family Income Mobility, 1969-2006Bradbury, Katharine
2011 Real output of bank services: What counts is what banks do, not what they ownInklaar, Robert / Wang, J. Christina
2011 Self-employment in the global economyDíez, Federico J. / Ozdagli, Ali K.
2011 Trade adjustment and productivity in large crisesGopinath, Gita / Neiman, Brent
2011 On the distribution of college dropouts: Household wealth and uninsurable idiosyncratic riskOzdagli, Ali K. / Trachter, Nicholas
2011 Customer recognition and competitionShy, Oz / Stenbacka, Rune
2011 The role of expectations in U.S. inflation dynamicsFuhrer, Jeffrey C.
2011 The great recession and bank lending to small businessesMontoriol-Garriga, Judit / Wang, J. Christina
2012 Are American homeowners locked into their houses? The impact of housing market conditions on state-to-state MigrationModestino, Alicia Sasser / Dennett, Julia
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