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DateTitle Authors
2004 A general-equilibrium asset-pricing approach to the measurement of nominal and real bank outputWang, J. Christina / Basu, Susanto / Fernald, John G.
2004 Incomplete markets and tradeWillen, Paul
2005 Borrowing costs and the demand for equity over the life cycleDavis, Steven J. / Kubler, Felix / Willen, Paul
2005 Real wage rigidities and the new Keynesian modelBlanchard, Olivier / Galí, Jordi
2005 Technological diversificationKoren, Miklós / Tenreyro, Silvana
2005 Intrinsic and inherited inflation persistenceFuhrer, Jeff
2005 Contingent reserves management: An applied frameworkCaballero, Ricardo / Panageas, Stavros
2005 Testing economic hypotheses with state-level data: A comment on Donohue and Levitt (2001)Foote, Christopher L. / Goetz, Christopher F.
2005 Contracts with social multipliersBurke, Mary A. / Prasad, Kislaya
2005 The liquidity trap, the real balance effect, and the Friedman ruleIreland, Peter N.
2005 Interest sensitivity and volatility reductions: Cross-section evidenceIrvine, F. Owen / Schuh, Scott
2005 Large stakes and big mistakesAriely, Dan / Gneezy, Uri / Loewenstein, George / Mazar, Nina
2005 Tom Sawyer and the construction of valueAriely, Dan / Loewenstein, George / Prelec, Drazen
2005 The roles of comovement and inventory investment in the reduction of output volatilityIrvine, F. Owen / Schuh, Scott
2005 Heterogeneous beliefs and inflation dynamics: A general equilibrium approachGumbau-Brisa, Fabià
2005 Does firm value move too much to be justified by subsequent changes in cash flow?Larrain, Borja / Yogo, Motohiro
2005 New approaches to ranking economics journalsKodrzycki, Yolanda K. / Yu, Pingkang David
2005 Sales persistence and the reductions in GDP volatilityIrvine, F. Owen
2005 Changes in the Federal Reserve's inflation target: Causes and consequencesIreland, Peter N.
2005 The stock market and cross-country differences in relative pricesLarrain, Borja
2006 International risk-taking, volatility, and consumption growthGiduskova, Maria / Larrain, Borja
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