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DateTitle Authors
2015 The rise and fall of consumption in the '00sDemyanyk, Yuliya / Hryshko, Dmytro / Luengo-Prado, Maria José / Sørensen, Bent E.
2015 The distributional effects of contractual norms: The case of cropshare agreementsBurke, Mary A.
2015 Can't pay or won't pay? Unemployment, negative equity, and strategic defaultGerardi, Kristopher / Herkenhoff, Kyle F. / Ohanian, Lee E. / Willen, Paul S.
2015 Output response to government spending: Evidence from new international military spending dataSheremirov, Viacheslav / Spirovska, Sandra
2015 Price dispersion and inflation: New facts and theoretical implicationsSheremirov, Viacheslav
2015 The failure of supervisory stress testing: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and OFHEOFrame, W. Scott / Gerardi, Kristopher / Willen, Paul S.
2015 Expectations as a source of macroeconomic persistence: An exploration of firms' and households' expectation formationFuhrer, Jeff
2015 Do increases in subsidized housing reduce the incidence of homelessness? Vidence from the low-income housing tax creditJackson, Osborne / Kawano, Laura
2015 Uncertainty and the signaling channel of monetary policyTang, Jenny
2015 From urban core to wealthy towns: Nonschool fiscal disparities across Connecticut municipalitiesZhao, Bo
2015 Price setting in online markets: Does IT click?Gorodnichenko, Yuriy / Sheremirov, Viacheslav / Talavera, Oleksandr
2015 Designing a simple loss function for the fed: Does the dual mandate make sense?Debortoli, Davide / Kim, Jinill / Lindé, Jesper / Nunes, Ricardo
2015 Nudging credit scores in the field: The effect of text reminders on creditworthiness in the United StatesBracha, Anat / Meier, Stephan
2014 Within-school spillover effects of foreclosures and student mobility on student academic performanceBradbury, Katharine / Burke, Mary A. / Triest, Robert K.
2014 Saving for a rainy day: Estimating the appropriate size of U.S. state budget stabilization fundsZhao, Bo
2014 Smoothing state tax revenues over the business cycle: Gauging fiscal needs and opportunitiesKodrzycki, Yolanda K.
2014 House price growth when children are teenagers: A path to higher earnings?Cooper, Daniel / Luengo-Prado, María José
2014 The forecasting power of consumer attitudes for consumer spendingBarnes, Michelle L. / Olivei, Giovanni P.
2014 Upskilling: Do employers demand greater skill when skilled workers are plentiful?Sasser Modestino, Alicia / Shoag, Daniel / Ballance, Joshua
2014 Productivity and export market participation: Evidence from ColombiaCasus, Camila / Díez, Federico J. / González, Alejandra / Moreno, Stefany
2014 Vanishing procyclicality of productivity? Industry evidenceWang, J. Christina
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