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DateTitle Authors
2014 The effect of unemployment duration on future earnings and other outcomesCooper, Daniel
2013 Enforcement and immigrant location choiceWatson, Tara
2013 Payment choice with consumer panel dataCohen, Michael / Marc Rysman
2013 Occupation-level income shocks and asset returns: Their covariance and implications for portfolio choiceDavis, Steven J. / Willen, Paul S.
2013 Window shoppingShy, Oz
2013 Core competencies, matching, and the structure of foreign direct investment: An updateDíez, Federico J. / Spearot, Alan C.
2013 The value to banks of small business lendingHolod, Dmytro / Peek, Joe
2013 Cyclical unemployment, structural unemploymentDiamond, Peter
2013 Real expectations: Replacing rational expectations with survey expectations in dynamic macro modelsFuhrer, Jeff
2012 Potential effects of the Great Recession on the U.S. labor marketDickens, William T. / Triest, Robert K.
2012 How consumers pay: Adoption and use of paymentsSchuh, Scott / Stavins, Joanna
2012 Investment in customer recognition and information exchangeShy, Oz / Stenbacka, Rune
2012 Measuring household spending and payment habits: The role of typical and specific time frames in survey questionsAngrisani, Marco / Kapteyn, Arie / Schuh, Scott
2012 Uncertainty shocks in a model of effective demandBasu, Susanto / Bundick, Brent
2012 Predicting health behaviors with economic preferences and perceived controlConell-Price, Lynn / Jamison, Julian
2012 Monetary shocks and stock returns: Identification through the impossible trinityOzdagli, Ali K. / Yu, Yifan
2012 Do real-time Okun's law errors predict GDP data revisions?Barnes, Michelle L. / Gumbau-Brisa, Fabià / Olivei, Giovanni P.
2012 Sovereign default risk and uncertainty premiaPouzo, Demian / Presno, Ignacio
2012 The impact of managed care on the gender earnings gap among physiciansSasser Modestino, Alicia
2012 Selecting public goods institutions: Who likes to punish and reward?Drouvelis, Michalis / Jamison, Julian C.
2012 Fiscal devaluationsFarhi, Emmanuel / Gopinath, Gita / Itskhoki, Oleg
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