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DateTitle Authors
2008 The harmonized system: amendments and their impact on WTO members' schedulesYu, Dayong
2008 Bilateralism in services trade: is there fire behind the (BIT-)smoke?Adlung, Rudolf / Molinuevo, Martin
2007 Trade remedy provisions in regional trade agreementsTeh, Robert / Prusa, Thomas J. / Budetta, Michele
2007 The contribution of services liberalization to poverty reduction: What role for the GATS?Adlung, Rudolf
2007 Boosting trade finance in developing countries: What link with the WTO?Auboin, Marc
2007 Indisputably essential: The economics of dispute settlement institutions in trade agreementsKeck, Alexander / Schropp, Simon
2006 Non-reciprocal preference erosion arising from MFN liberalitzation in agriculture: What are the risks?Low, Patrick / Piermartini, Roberta / Richtering, Jurgen
2006 A probabilistic approach to the use of econometric models in sunset reviewsKeck, Alexander / Malashevich, Bruce / Gray, Ian
2006 Liberalizing financial services trade in Africa: Going regional and multilateralJansen, Marion / Vennes, Yannick
2006 Political & quasi-adjudicative dispute settlement models in European Union Free Trade Agreements: Is the quasi-adjudicative model a trend or is it just another model?Ramírez Robles, Edna
2006 The impact of disasters on international tradeGassebner, Martin / Keck, Alexander / Teh, Robert
2006 Services liberalization in the new generation of Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs): How much further than the GATS?Roy, Martin / Marchetti, Juan / Lim, Hoe
2006 Forecasting tradeKeck, Alexander / Raubold, Alexander
2006 Services trade liberalization at the regional level: Does Southern and Eastern Africa stand to gain from EPA negotiations?Jansen, Marion
2006 Determining likeness under the GATS: Squaring the circle?Cossy, Mireille
2006 Telecommunications services in Africa: The impact of multilateral commitments and unilateral reform on sector performance and economic growthKeck, Alexander / Djiofack-Zebaze, Calvin
2006 Foreign banking: Do countries' WTO commitments match actual practices?Barth, James R. / Marchetti, Juan A. / Nolle, Daniel E. / Sawangngoenyuang, Wanvimol
2005 Environmental quality provision and eco-labelling: Some issuesValentini, Laura
2005 The economic impact of EPAs in SADC countriesKeck, Alexander / Piermartini, Roberta
2005 The impact of Mode 4 liberalization on bilateral trade flowsJansen, Marion / Piermartini, Roberta
2005 Turning hills into mountains? Current commitments under the GATS and prospects for changeAdlung, Rudolf / Roy, Martin
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