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DateTitle Authors
2008 The harmonized system: amendments and their impact on WTO members' schedulesYu, Dayong
2008 LDC Poverty Alleviation and the Doha Development Agenda: is tourism being neglected?Honeck, Dale
2008 The economics of permissible WTO retaliationBown, Chad P. / Ruta, Michele
2008 Measuring GATS mode 4 trade flowsMagdeleine, Joscelyn / Maurer, Andreas
2008 Liberalization of air transport services and passenger trafficPiermartini, Roberta / Rousová, Linda
2008 R&D in the network of international trade: multilateral versus regional trade agreementsTeteryatnikova, Mariya
2009 Risk assessment in the international food safety policy arena: can the multilateral institutions encourage unbiased outcomes?Jackson, Lee Ann / Jansen, Marion
2009 Social interactions of migrants and trade outcomesTai, Silvio Hong Tiing
2009 Exposure to external country specific shocks and income volatilityJansen, Marion / Lennon, Carolina / Piermartini, Roberta
2009 Services liberalization from a WTO/GATS perspective: in search of volunteersAdlung, Rudolf
2009 Trade in healthcare and health insurance services: The GATS as a supporting actor (?)Adlung, Rudolf
2009 The economics of trade agreements in the linear Cournot delocation modelBagwell, Kyle / Staiger, Robert W.
2009 The value of domestic subsidy rules in trade agreementsRuta, Michael / Brou, Daniel / Campanella, Edoardo
2009 The WTO: Theory and practiceBagwell, Kyle / Staiger, Robert W.
2009 Mapping the tariff watersDiakantoni, Antonia / Escaith, Hubert
2009 International trade and real transmission channels of financial shocks in globalized production networksEscaith, Hubert / Gonguet, Fabien
2009 Restoring trade finance during a period of financial crisis: Stocktaking of recent initiativesAuboin, Marc
2009 Market shares in the post-Uruguay round era: A closer look using shift-share analysisPiezas-Jerbi, Ninez / Nee, Coleman
2009 Trade skirmishes and safeguards: A theory of the WTO Dispute Settlement ProcessBeshkar, Mostafa
2009 Endowments, power, and democracy: Political economy of multilateral commitments on trade in servicesRoy, Martin
2009 A "new trade" theory of GATT/WTO negotiationsOssa, Ralph
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