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DateTitle Authors
2009 A "new trade" theory of GATT/WTO negotiationsOssa, Ralph
2010 Endowments, power, and democracy: Political economy of multilateral commitments on trade in servicesRoy, Martin
2010 International supply chains and trade elasticity in times of global crisisEscaith, Hubert / Lindenberg, Nannette / Miroudot, Sébastien
2010 Trade and fisheries: Key issues for the World Trade OrganizationAsche, Frank / Smith, Martin D.
2010 Timeliness and contract enforceability in intermediate goods tradeGamberoni, Elisa / Lanz, Rainer / Piermartini, Roberta
2010 International regulation and treatment of trade finance: What are the issues?Auboin, Marc
2010 Oil price volatility: Origins and effectsKilian, Lutz
2010 The relation between international trade and freshwater scarcityHoekstra, Arjen
2010 What constrains Africa's exports?Freund, Caroline / Rocha, Nadia
2010 Do trade and investment agreements lead to more FDI? Accounting for key provisions inside the black boxBerger, Axel / Busse, Matthias / Nunnenkamp, Peter / Roy, Martin
2010 Lessons from the first two decades of trade policy reviews in the AmericasValdés, Raymundo
2010 International rules for trade in natural resourcesCollier, Paul / Venables, Tony
2010 Globalization and trade flows: What you see is not what you get!Maurer, Andreas / Degain, Christophe
2010 Trade and deforestation: A literature reviewRobalino, Juan / Herrera, Luis Diego
2010 More stringent BITs, less ambiguous effects on FDI? Not a bit!Berger, Axel / Busse, Matthias / Nunnenkamp, Peter / Roy, Martin
2010 Trade in mineral resourcesDavis, Graham A.
2011 "Expect the unexpected"? LDC GATS commitments as internationally credible policy indicators? The example of MaliHoneck, Dale
2011 Costa Rica: Trade opening, FDI attraction and global production sharingMonge-Ariño, Francisco
2011 The value of bindingsBacchetta, Marc / Piermartini, Roberta
2011 Fog in GATS commitments: Boon or bane?Adlung, Rudolf / Morrison, Peter / Roy, Martin / Zhang, Weiwei
2011 Natural resources and non-cooperative trade policyLatina, Joelle / Piermartini, Roberta / Ruta, Michele
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