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DateTitle Authors
2012 Non-tariff measures and the WTOStaiger, Robert W.
2012 SPS measures and trade: Implementation mattersCrivelli, Pramila / Gröschl, Jasmin
2012 Using supply chain analysis to examine the costs of non-tariff measures (NTMs) and the benefits of trade facilitationFerrantino, Michael J.
2012 Poison in the wine? Tracing GATS-minus commitments in regional trade agreementsAdlung, Rudolf / Miroudot, Sébastien
2012 Use of the WTO trade dispute settlement mechanism by the Latin American countries: Dispelling myths and breaking down barriersTorres, Raúl A.
2011 Trade liberalization and labor market dynamicsDix-Carneiro, Rafael
2011 The interface between the trade and climate change regimes: Scoping the issuesLow, Patrick / Marceau, Gabrielle / Reinaud, Julia
2011 The case for creating a Working Party on the Functioning of the WTOPedersen, Peter N.
2011 Exporting under trade policy uncertainty: Theory and evidenceHandley, Kyle
2011 WTO decision-making for the futureLow, Patrick
2011 21st century regionalism: Filling the gap between 21st century trade and 20th century trade rulesBaldwin, Richard
2011 The relationship between exchange rates and International Trade: A review of economic literatureAuboin, Marc / Ruta, Michel
2011 Deep integration and production networks: An empirical analysisOrefice, Gianluca / Rocha, Nadia
2011 Services commitments in preferential trade agreements: An expanded datasetRoy, Martin
2011 Evolution of Asia's outward-looking economic policies: Some lessons from trade policy reviewsDaly, Michael
2011 Regional integration in AfricaHartzenberg, Trudi
2011 The design of preferential trade agreements: A new dataset in the MakingBaccini, Leonardo / Dür, Andreas / Elsig, Manfred / Milewicz, Karolina
2011 Coordination failures in immigration policyGiordani, Paolo E. / Rutaz, Michele
2011 Are you experienced? Survival and recovery of trade relations after banking crisesBeverelli, Cosimo / Kukenova, Madina / Rocha, Nadia
2011 Assessing the value of future accessions to the WTO Agreement on Gouvenement Procurement (GPA): Some new data sources, provisional estimates, and an evaluative framework for individual WTO members considering accessionAnderson, Robert D. / Pelletier, Philippe / Osei-Lah, Kodjo / Müller, Anna Caroline
2011 Natural resources and non-cooperative trade policyLatina, Joelle / Piermartini, Roberta / Ruta, Michele
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