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DateTitle Authors
2014 Trade facilitation provisions in regional trade agreements traits and trendsNeufeld, Nora
2013 Mapping of safeguard provisions in regional trade agreementsCrawford, Jo-Ann / McKeagg, Jo / Tolstova, Julia
2013 The Tisa initiative: An overview of market access issuesMarchetti, Juan A. / Roy, Martin
2013 Least-developed countries' trade during the super-cycle and the great trade collapse: Patterns and stylized factsEscaith, Hubert / Tamenu, Bekele
2013 International standards and the WTO TBT Agreement: Improving governance for regulatory alignmentWijkström, Erik / McDaniels, Devin
2013 Competition policy and poverty reduction: A holistic approachAnderson, Robert D. / Müller, Anna Caroline
2013 Letting the sun shine in at the WTO: How transparency brings the trading system to lifeWolfe, Robert
2013 Trade finance in periods of crisis: What have we learned in recent years?Auboin, Marc / Engemann, Martina
2013 Product standards and margins of trade: Firm level evidenceFontagné, Lionel / Orefice, Gianluca / Piermartini, Roberta / Rocha, Nadia
2013 Opening a Pandora's box: Modeling world trade patterns at the 2035 horizonFontagné, Lionel / Fouré, Jean
2013 How to design trade agreements in services: Top down or bottom up?Adlung, Rudolf / Mamdouh, Hamid
2013 Mapping of dispute settlement mechanisms in regional trade agreements: Innovative or variations on a theme?Chase, Claude / Yanovich, Alan / Crawford, Jo-Ann / Ugaz, Pamela
2013 Preferential rules of origin In regional trade agreementsDonner Abreu, Maria
2012 Services rules in regional trade agreements: How diverse and how creative as compared to the GATS multilateral rules?Latrille, Pierre / Lee, Juneyoung
2012 WTO rules and practices for transparency and engagement with civil society organizationsPerez-Esteve, Maria
2012 SMEs in services trade: A GATS perspectiveAdlung, Rudolf / Soprana, Marta
2012 Self-confirming immigration policyGiordani, Paolo E. / Ruta, Michele
2012 Trade imbalances and multilateral trade cooperationMarchetti, Juan / Ruta, Michele / Teh, Robert
2012 Food prices and the multiplier effect of export policyGiordani, Paolo E. / Rocha, Nadia / Ruta, Michele
2012 Antidumping regional regimes and the multilateral trading system: Do regional antidumping regimes make a difference?Rey, Jean-Daniel
2012 Intellectual property provisions in regional trade agreementsValdés, Raymundo / Tavengwa, Runyowa
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