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DateTitle Authors
2015 Export quality in advanced and developing economies: Evidence from a new datasetHenn, Christian / Papageorgiou, Chris / Spatafora, Nikolas
2015 Services and global value chains: Some evidence on servicification of manufacturing and services networksLanz, Rainer / Maurer, Andreas
2015 The layers of the IT Agreement's trade impactHenn, Christian / Gnutzmann-Mkrtchyan, Arevik
2014 Trade in tasks, tariff policy and effective protection ratesDiakantoni, Antonia / Escaith, Hubert
2014 Trade policy uncertainty and the WTOGroppo, Valeria / Piermartini, Roberta
2014 The relationship between services trade and government procurement commitments: Insights from relevant WTO agreements and recent RTAsAnderson, Robert D. / Locatelli, Claudia / Müller, Anna Caroline / Pelletier, Philippe
2014 Are stricter investment rules contagious? Host country competition for foreign direct investment through international agreementsNeumayer, Eric / Nunnenkamp, Peter / Roy, Martin
2014 Global production with export platformsTintelnot, Felix
2014 Infrastructure provision and Africa's trade and development prospects: Potential role and relevance of The WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA)Niggli, Nicholas C. / Osei-Lah, Kodjo
2014 Export policies and the general agreement on trade in servicesAdlung, Rudolf
2014 The role of trade-led economic growth in fostering development: Lessons for the post-2015 development agendaPriyadarshi, Shishir / Biswas, Trineesh
2014 The impact of Basel III on trade finance: The potential unintended consequences of the leverage ratioAuboin, Marc / Blengini, Isabella
2014 Intellectual property rights protection and export diversification: The application of utility model lawsGnangnon, Kimm / Moser, Constance Besse
2014 Trade policy substitution: Theory and evidence from Specific Trade ConcernsBeverelli, Cosimo / Boffa, Mauro / Keck, Alexander
2014 Knowledge spillovers through international supply chainsPiermartini, Roberta / Rubínová, Stela
2014 The determinants of quality specializationDingel, Jonathan I.
2014 A new look at the extensive trade margin effects of trade facilitationBeverelli, Cosimo / Neumüller, Simon / Teh, Robert
2014 Information frictions and the law of one price: "When the States and the Kingdom became United"Steinwender, Claudia
2014 The long and winding road: How WTO members finally reached a trade facilitation agreementNeufeld, Nora
2014 Achieving Bangladesh's tourism potential: Linkages to export diversification, employment generation and the "green economy"Honeck, Dale / Akhtar, Md. Shoaib
2014 What global fragmentation means for the WTO: Article XXIV, behind-the-border concessions, and a new case for WTO limits on investment incentivesBlanchard, Emily J.
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