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DateTitle Authors
2007 How do banks adjust their capital ratios? Evidence from GermanyMemmel, Christoph / Raupach, Peter
2007 Diversification and the banks' risk-return-characteristics: evidence from loan portfolios of German banksBehr, Andreas / Kamp, Andreas / Memmel, Christoph / Pfingsten, Andreas
2007 Open-end real estate funds in Germany: genesis and crisisBannier, Christina E. / Fecht, Falko / Tyrell, Marcel
2007 Slippery slopes of stress: ordered failure events in German bankingKoetter, Michael / Kick, Thomas
2007 Efficient, profitable and safe banking: an oxymoron? Evidence from a panel VAR approachKoetter, Michael / Porath, Daniel
2007 Granularity adjustment for Basel IILütkebohmert, Eva / Gordy, Michael B.
2006 Money market derivatives and the allocation of liquidity risk in the banking sectorHakenes, Hendrik / Fecht, Falko
2006 Limits to international banking consolidationGrüner, Hans Peter / Fecht, Falko
2006 The cost efficiency of German banks: a comparison of SFA and DEAKoetter, Michael / Karmann, Alexander / Fiorentino, Elisabetta
2006 Sector concentration in loan portfolios and economic capitalMasschelein, Nancy / Düllmann, Klaus
2006 The stability of efficiency rankings when risk-preferences and objectives are differentKoetter, Michael
2006 Empirical risk analysis of pension insurance: the case of GermanySchmieder, Christian / Reinschmidt, Timo / Mager, Ferdinand / Gerke, Wolfgang
2006 Heterogeneity in lending and sectoral growth: evidence from German bank-level dataSchertler, Andrea / Buch, Claudia M. / von Westernhagen, Natalja
2006 Does diversification improve the performance of German banks? Evidence from individual bank loan portfoliosvon Westernhagen, Natalja / Porath, Daniel / Hayden, Evelyn
2006 Banks' regulatory buffers, liquidity networks and monetary policy transmissionMerkl, Christian / Stolz, Stéphanie
2005 Measuring business sector concentration by an infection modelDüllmann, Klaus
2005 Finance and growth in a bank-based economy: is it quantity or quality that matters?Koetter, Michael / Wedow, Michael
2005 Forecasting stock market volatility with macroeconomic variables in real timeDöpke, Jörg / Hartmann, Daniel / Pierdzioch, Christian
2005 Inefficient or just different? Effects of heterogeneity on bank efficiency scoresBos, Jaap W. B. / Heid, Frank / Koetter, Michael / Kolari, James W. / Kool, Clemens J. M.
2005 Time series properties of a rating system based on financial ratiosKrüger, Ulrich / Stötzel, Martin / Trück, Stefan
2005 Incorporating prediction and estimation risk in point-in-time credit portfolio modelsHamerle, Alfred / Knapp, Michael / Liebig, Thilo / Wildenauer, Nicole
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