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DateTitle Authors
2006 Reemployment rates over the life course: Is there still hope after late career job loss?Frosch, Katharina
2006 Bridging the technology-gap in economic transition, the J-curve of growth and unemploymentHetze, Pascal
2006 The quality of insurance intermediary services: An analysis of conduct and performance in the German market of insurance intermediationEckardt, Martina
2006 Delegating budgets when agents care about autonomyKuhn, Michael / Gundlach, Erich
2007 Treatment of owner-occupied housing in national accounts: Some questionsBrümmerhoff, Dieter / Reich, Utz-Peter
2007 Does the product quality hypothesis hold true? Service quality differences between independent and exclusive insurance agentsTrigo Gamarra, Lucinda
2007 Aging in German industries and selected professionsHenseke, Golo / Hetze, Pascal / Tivig, Thusnelda
2007 Renteneintrittsalter und Lebensdauer: Was kostet die Frühverrentung?Kühntopf, Stephan / Tivig, Thusnelda
2007 Does signaling work in markets for information services? An empirical investigation for insurance intermediaries in GermanyEckardt, Martina
2007 Pensionsverpflichtungen: Ein unternehmerischer Risikofaktor?Hubrich, Stefan / Tivig, Thusnelda / Stubben, Hans-Dieter
2007 Demographic change and industry-specific innovation patterns in GermanyHenseke, Golo / Tivig, Thusnelda
2007 Fiscal competition in space and time: An endogenous-growth approachBecker, Daniel Thomas / Rauscher, Michael
2007 Geschichte des Staates in den Volkswirtschaftlichen GesamtrechnungenBrümmerhoff, Dieter
2007 Age, human capital and the geography of innovationFrosch, Katharina / Tivig, Thusnelda
2007 Determinants of occupational pension provision in GermanyDummann, Kathrin
2007 Single- versus multi-channel distribution strategies in the German life insurance market: A cost and profit efficiency analysisTrigo Gamarra, Lucinda
2007 Biodiversity and geographyRauscher, Michael / Barbier, Edward B.
2008 Prognose der Erwerbspersonenzahl in Deutschland, Hamburg und Mecklenburg-Vorpommern bis 2030Kühntopf, Stephan / Tivig, Thusnelda
2008 The distribution of unemployment by age and the unemployment rate: A puzzle?Ochsen, Carsten
2008 How the distribution of unemployment by duration affects the unemployment rateOchsen, Carsten
2008 Financial constraints of ethnic entrepreneurship: Evidence from GermanyBruder, Jana / Neuberger, Doris / Räthke-Döppner, Solvig
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