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DateTitle Authors
2011 Crises, rescues, and policy transmission through international banksBuch, Claudia M. / Koch, Cathérine Tahmee / Koetter, Michael
2011 Substitution between net and gross settlement systems: A concern for financial stability?Craig, Ben / Fecht, Falko
2011 Exchange rate dynamics, expectations, and monetary policyChen, Qianying
2011 Currency blocs in the 21st centuryFischer, Christoph
2011 How informative are central bank assessments of macroeconomic risks?Knüppel, Malte / Schultefrankenfeld, Guido
2011 Evaluating macroeconomic risk forecastsKnüppel, Malte / Schultefrankenfeld, Guido
2011 Fatigue in payment diaries - empirical evidence from GermanySchmidt, Tobias
2011 In search for yield? Survey-based evidence on bank risk takingBuch, Claudia M. / Eickmeier, Sandra / Prieto, Esteban
2011 Seasonality in house pricesKajuth, Florian / Schmidt, Tobias
2011 The third pillar in Europe: institutional factors and individual decisionsLe Blanc, Julia
2011 Portfolio holdings in the euro area - home bias and the role of international, domestic and sector-specific factorsJochem, Axel / Volz, Ute
2011 The impact of fiscal policy on economic activity over the business cycle - evidence from a threshold VAR analysisBaum, Anja / Koester, Gerrit B.
2011 The changing international transmission of financial shocks: evidence from a classical time-varying FAVAREickmeier, Sandra / Lemke, Wolfgang / Marcellino, Massimiliano
2011 Long-run growth expectations and 'global imbalances'Hoffmann, Mathias / Krause, Michael / Laubach, Thomas
2011 Classical time-varying FAVAR models - estimation, forecasting and structural analysisEickmeier, Sandra / Lemke, Wolfgang / Marcellino, Massimiliano
2011 Robust monetary policy in a new Keynesian model with imperfect interest rate pass-throughGerke, Rafael / Hammermann, Felix
2011 FiMod - a DSGE model for fiscal policy simulationsStähler, Nikolai / Thomas, Carlos
2010 Toward a Taylor rule for fiscal policyKliem, Martin / Kriwoluzky, Alexander
2010 Forecast uncertainty and the Bank of England interest rate decisionsSchultefrankenfeld, Guido
2010 Instability and indeterminacy in a simple search and matching modelKrause, Michael / Lubik, Thomas A.
2010 The home bias in equities and distribution costsHarms, Philipp / Hoffmann, Mathias / Ortseifer, Christina
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