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DateTitle Authors
2001 Interbank lending and monetary policy transmission: evidence for GermanyEhrmann, Michael / Worms, Andreas
2001 Precommitment, Transparency and Monetary PolicyGeraats, Petra Maria
2001 Long-Run Links Among Money, Prices, and Output: World-Wide EvidenceReimers, Hans-Eggert / Herwartz, Helmut
2001 Currency Portfolios and Currency Exchange in a Search EconomyWaller, Christopher Jude / Craig, Ben R.
2001 The Financial System in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland after a Decade of TransitionSchardax, Franz / Reininger, Thomas / Summer, Martin
2001 Monetary policy effects on bank loans in Germany: A panel-econometric analysisWorms, Andreas
2001 Financial systems and the role of banks in monetary policy transmission in the euro areaSevestre, Patrick / Martinez-Pages, Jorge / Gambacorta, Leonardo / Ehrmann, Michael / Worms, Andreas
2001 Monetary transmission in Germany: New Perspectives on Financial Constraints and Investment Spendingvon Kalckreuth, Ulf
2001 Firm Investment and Monetary Policy Transmission in the Euro Areavon Kalckreuth, Ulf / Hernando, Ignacio / Generale, Andrea / Chatelain, Jean Bernard / Vermeulen, Philip
2001 Ein disaggregierter Ansatz zur Berechnung konjunkturbereinigter Budgetsalden für Deutschland: Methoden und ErgebnisseMohr, Matthias
2002 Genetic learning as an explanation of stylized facts of foreign exchange marketsLux, Thomas / Schornstein, Sascha
2002 Rent indices for housing in West Germany 1985 to 1998Hoffmann, Johannes / Kurz, Claudia
2002 Short-Term Capital, Economic Transformation, and EU AccessionLusinyan, Lusine / Buch, Claudia M.
2002 Fiscal Foundation of Convergence to European Union in Pre-Accession Transition CountriesHalpern, László / Neményi, Judit
2002 Testing for Competition Among German BanksHempell, Hannah S.
2002 The stable long-run CAPM and the cross-section of expected returnsKim, Jeong-Ryeol
2002 Pitfalls in the European Enlargement Process: Financial Instability and Real DivergenceWagner, Helmut
2002 The Empirical Performance of Option Based Densities of Foreign ExchangeKeller, Joachim G. / Craig, Ben R.
2002 Evaluating Density Forecasts with an Application to Stock Market ReturnsRaunig, Burkhard / de Raaij, Gabriela
2002 Estimating Bilateral Exposures in the German Interbank Market: Is there a Danger of Contagion?Upper, Christian / Worms, Andreas
2002 The long-term sustainability of public finance in Germany: an analysis based on generational accountingManzke, Bernhard
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