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DateTitle Authors
2001 SHG banking: A financial technology for reaching marginal areas and the very poor : NABARD's program of promoting local financial intermediaries owned and managed by the rural poor in IndiaSeibel, Hans Dieter
2001 Transforming an Unsustainable Project into Sustainable Rural Financial Institutions: The Case of the Small Farmer Co-operatives Ltd. (SFCLs) in NepalWehnert, Ulrich / Shakya, Roshan
2001 Microsavings, Microcredit and Microinsurance: Financial Products of Small Farmer Co-operatives Ltd. in NepalStaschen, Stefan
2000 Poverty reduction and rural finance: From unsustainable programs to sustainable institutions with growing outreach to the poorSeibel, Hans Dieter
2000 Equity participation in financial intermediaries: a new donor instrument in rural finance? A proposal submitted to the International Fund for Agricultural Development, RomeSeibel, Hans Dieter
2000 IFAD Rural Finance PolicySeibel, Hans Dieter
2000 Challenges, Opportunities and Options for the Development of Rural Financial InstitutionsSeibel, Hans Dieter
2000 Agricultural Development Banks: Close them or reform them?Seibel, Hans Dieter
2000 Agricultural Development Bank Reform: The Case of The Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), ThailandMaurer, Klaus / Khadka, Shyam / Seibel, Hans Dieter
2000 How Values Create Value: Social Capital in Microfinance - The Case of the PhilippinesSeibel, Hans Dieter / Llanto, Gilbert / Quiñones, Benjamin
2000 How an Agricultural Development Bank Revolutionized Rural Finance: The Case of Bank Rakyat IndonesiaSeibel, Hans Dieter
1999 Microfinance for the Poor: Can Miracles be Repeated: in the Philippines, Kosovo, and elsewhere?Seibel, Hans Dieter
1999 Microfinance in marginal and upland areasSeibel, Hans Dieter
1999 Strategies for Developing Viable Microfinance Institutions with Sustainable Services: The Asian ExperienceSeibel, Hans Dieter
1999 Outreach and Sustainability of Rural Microfinance in Asia: Observations and RecommendationsSeibel, Hans Dieter
1999 Transforming Rural Finance in Africa: The role of AFRACA in Linkage Banking and Financial Systems DevelopmentSeibel, Hans Dieter
1999 Transformer les Finances Rurales en Afrique: Le rôle d'AFRACA dans le Couplage des opérations bancaires et le Développement des systèmes financiersSeibel, Hans Dieter
1999 Cooperative Banking: A Viable Approach To Microfinance - A Case Study in the PhilippinesQuiñones, Ben R.
1999 Banking with Very Poor Women: Outreach and Sustainability of CARD-Rural Bank, a Grameen Innovator in the PhilippinesSeibel, Hans Dieter
1999 Microfinance In Laos: A Case for Women's Banking?Seibel, Hans Dieter / Kunkel, Carmen R.
1999 Attaining Outreach with Sustainability: A Case Study of a Private Microfinance Institution in IndonesiaSeibel, Hans Dieter
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