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DateTitle Authors
2010 The renewable energy targets of the Maghreb countries: Impact on electricity supply and conventional power marketsBrand, Bernhard / Zingerle, Jonas
2010 Wind power integration, negative prices and power system flexibility: An empirical analysis of extreme events in GermanyNicolosi, Marco
2010 Global steam coal supply costs in the face of Chinese infrastructure investment decisionsPaulus, Moritz / Trueby, Johannes
2010 Scenarios for an energy policy concept of the German governmentNagl, Stephan / Fürsch, Michaela / Paulus, Moritz / Richter, Jan / Trüby, Johannes / Lindenberger, Dietmar
2010 Simulating security of supply effects of the Nabucco and South Stream projects for the European natural gas marketDieckhöner, Caroline
2010 Have prices of internationally traded steam coal been marginal cost based?Trueby, Johannes / Paulus, Moritz
2010 Efficiency effects of quality of service and environmental factors: Experience from Norwegian electricity distributionGrowitsch, Christian / Jamasb, Tooraj / Wetzel, Heike
2011 Market structure scenarios in international steam coal tradeTrüby, Johannes / Paulus, Moritz
2011 Civil unrest in North Africa: Risks for natural gas supply?Lochner, Stefan / Dieckhöner, Caroline
2011 A methodology to estimate security of supply in electricity generation: results for Germany until 2030 given a high level of intermittent electricity feed-inPaulus, Moritz / Grave, Katharina / Lindenberger, Dietmar
2011 Ownership Unbundling of Gas Transmission Networks - Empirical EvidenceGrowitsch, Christian / Stronzik, Marcus
2011 Energy and the State of NationsLindenberger, Dietmar / Kümmel, Reiner
2011 Transport and CO2: Productivity Growth and Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the European Commercial Transport IndustryKrautzberger, Lisann / Wetzel, Heike
2011 Understanding the Determinants of Electricity Prices and the Impact of the German Nuclear Moratorium in 2011Thoenes, Stefan
2011 Natural Gas in Road Transportation - A Low-emission Bridging Technology?Wang-Helmreich, Hanna / Lochner, Stefan
2011 The economic value of storage in renewable power systems - the case of thermal energy storage in concentrating solar plantsNagl, Stephan / Fürsch, Michaela / Jägemann, Cosima / Bettzüge, Marc Oliver
2011 DIMENSION - A Dispatch and Investment Model for European Electricity MarketsRichter, Jan
2011 Nations as Strategic Players in Global Commodity Markets: Evidence from World Coal TradePaulus, Moritz / Trüby, Johannes / Growitsch, Christian
2011 Spatial Dependence in Wind and Optimal Wind Power Allocation: A Copula Based AnalysisGrothe, Oliver / Schnieders, Julius
2011 German Nuclear Policy Reconsidered: Implications for the Electricity MarketFürsch, Michaela / Lindenberger, Dietmar / Malischek, Raimund / Nagl, Stephan / Panke, Timo / Trüby, Johannes
2012 Attention, Media and Fuel EfficiencyThoenes, Stefan / Gores, Timo
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