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DateTitle Authors
2014 Two-period resource duopoly with endogenous intertemporal capacity constraintsBerk, Istemi
2014 Energy prices,technological knowledge and green energy innovation: A dynamic panel analysis of patent countsKruse, Jürgen / Wetzel, Heike
2014 Cross-border effects of capacity mechanisms in electricity marketsElberg, Christina
2014 CO2 abatement policies in the power sector under an oligopolistic gas marketHecking, Harald
2014 Regionale Verteilungswirkungen des Erneuerbare-Energien-GesetzesGrowitsch, Christian / Meier, Helena / Schleich, Sebastian
2014 The hidden cost of investment: The impact of adjustment cost on firm performance measurement and regulationNick, Sebastian / Wetzel, Heike
2014 Modeling strategic investment decisions in spatial marketsLorenczik, Stefan / Malischek, Raimund / Trüby, Johannes
2014 Quantity-setting oligopolies in complementary input markets: The case of iron ore and coking coalHecking, Harald / Panke, Timo
2014 An illustrative note on the system price effect of wind and solar power: The German caseJägemann, Cosima
2014 Capacity mechanisms and effects on market structureElberg, Christina / Kranz, Sebastian
2014 Households facing constraints: Fuel poverty put into contextDubois, Ute / Meier, Helena
2014 A note on the inefficiency of technology- and region-specific renewable energy support: The German caseJägemann, Cosima
2014 Redistribution effects resulting from cross-border cooperation in support for renewable energyUnteutsch, Michaela
2014 Who benefits from cooperation? A numerical analysis of redistribution effects resulting from cooperation in European RES-E supportUnteutsch, Michaela
2013 Flexibility in Europe's power sector : An additional requirement or an automatic complement?Bertsch, Joachim / Growitsch, Christian / Lorenczik, Stefan / Nagl, Stephan
2013 Port competition and welfare effect of strategic privatizationCzerny, Achim / Höffler, Felix / Mun, Se-il
2013 The effect of weather uncertainty on the financial risk of green electricity producers under various renewable policiesNagl, Stephan
2013 The economic inefficiency of grid parity: The case of German photovoltaicsJägemann, Cosima / Hagspiel, Simeon / Lindenberger, Dietmar
2013 Price formation and intertemporal arbitrage within a low-liquidity framework: Empirical evidence from European natural gas marketsNick, Sebastian
2013 Promotion of electricity from renewable energy in Europe post 2020: The economic benefits of cooperationFürsch, Michaela / Lindenberger, Dietmar
2013 Investment coordination in network industries: The case of electricity grid and electricity generationHöffler, Felix / Wambach, Achim
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