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DateTitle Authors
2014 Redistribution effects resulting from cross-border cooperation in support for renewable energyUnteutsch, Michaela
2014 Who benefits from cooperation? A numerical analysis of redistribution effects resulting from cooperation in European RES-E supportUnteutsch, Michaela
2013 Flexibility in Europe's power sector : An additional requirement or an automatic complement?Bertsch, Joachim / Growitsch, Christian / Lorenczik, Stefan / Nagl, Stephan
2013 Port competition and welfare effect of strategic privatizationCzerny, Achim / Höffler, Felix / Mun, Se-il
2013 The effect of weather uncertainty on the financial risk of green electricity producers under various renewable policiesNagl, Stephan
2013 The economic inefficiency of grid parity: The case of German photovoltaicsJägemann, Cosima / Hagspiel, Simeon / Lindenberger, Dietmar
2013 Price formation and intertemporal arbitrage within a low-liquidity framework: Empirical evidence from European natural gas marketsNick, Sebastian
2013 Promotion of electricity from renewable energy in Europe post 2020: The economic benefits of cooperationFürsch, Michaela / Lindenberger, Dietmar
2013 Investment coordination in network industries: The case of electricity grid and electricity generationHöffler, Felix / Wambach, Achim
2013 Spatial dependencies of wind power and interrelations with spot price dynamicsElberg, Christina / Hagspiel, Simeon
2013 What Drives Natural Gas Prices? - A Structural VAR ApproachNick, Sebastian / Thoenes, Stefan
2013 The Impact of Ownership Unbundling on Cost Efficiency: Empirical Evidence from the New Zealand Electricity Distribution SectorFilippini, Massimo / Wetzel, Heike
2013 The Value of Information in Explicit Cross-Border Capacity Auction Regimes in Electricity MarketsRichter, Jan / Viehmann, Johannes
2013 Supply disruptions and regional price effects in a spatial oligopoly - an application to the global gas marketGrowitsch, Christian / Hecking, Harald / Panke, Timo
2013 The Costs of Power Interruptions in Germany - an Assessment in the Light of the EnergiewendeGrowitsch, Christian / Malischek, Raimund / Nick, Sebastian / Wetzel, Heike
2013 Incomplete Information in Cournot Oligopoly: The Case of Unknown Production CapacitiesRichter, Jan
2013 Cost-Optimal Power System Extension under Flow-Based Market CouplingBrown, Tom / Cherevatskiy, Stanislav / Hagspiel, Simeon / Jägemann, Cosima / Lindenberger, Dietmar / Tröster, Eckehard
2013 The Sledge on the Slope or: Energy in the Economy, and the Paradox of Theory and PolicyKümmel, Reiner / Lindenberger, Dietmar
2013 Prices vs. Quantities: Incentives for Renewable Power Generation - Numerical Analysis for the European Power MarketNagl, Stephan
2012 Strategic Behaviour in International Metallurgical Coal MarketsTrüby, Johannes
2012 The role of grid extensions in a cost-efficient transformation of the European electricity system until 2050Fürsch, Michaela / Hagspiel, Simeon / Jägemann, Cosima / Nagl, Stephan / Lindenberger, Dietmar / Tröster, Eckehard
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