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DateTitle Authors
2010 Blessing or curse? Appreciation, amenities and resistance around the Berlin 'Mediaspree'Ahlfeldt, Gabriel M.
2010 The impact of institutions on Firms' rejuvenation policies: Early retirement with severance pay versus simple Lay-Off. A cross-European analysisFischer, Justina A. V.
2010 Public sector decentralization and school performance: International evidenceFalch, Torberg / Fischer, Justina A. V.
2010 Perceived externalities of cell phone base stations: The case of property prices in Hamburg, GermanyBrandt, Sebastian / Maennig, Wolfgang
2011 Monument protection and zoning in Germany: Regulations and public support from an international perspectiveMaennig, Wolfgang
2011 Becoming (un)employed and life satisfaction: Asymmetric effects and potential omitted variable bias in empirical happiness studiesMaennig, Wolfgang / Wilhelm, Markus
2011 The Olympic effect: A replyMaennig, Wolfgang / Richter, Felix
2012 Nuclear accidents on policy: Notes on public perceptionRichter, Felix / Steenbeck, Malte / Wilhelm, Markus
2012 London 2012: Medal projectionMaennig, Wolfgang / Wellbrock, Christian
2012 London 2012: Das Ende des Mythos vom erfolgreichen SportsoldatenMaennig, Wolfgang
2012 Exports and olympic games: Is there a signal effect?Maennig, Wolfgang / Richter, Felix
2013 Rhythms and cycles in happinessMaennig, Wolfgang / Steenbeck, Malte / Wilhelm, Markus
2013 Urban renewal after the Berlin WallAhlfeldt, Gabriel M. / Maennig, Wolfgang / Richter, Felix J.
2013 Do places of worship affect housing prices? Evidence from GermanyBrandt, Sebastian / Maennig, Wolfgang / Richter, Felix
2013 Mega sporting events, real estate, and urban social economics: The case of Brazil 2014/2016Aragão, Thêmis / Maennig, Wolfgang
2014 Who wins olympic bids?Maennig, Wolfgang / Vierhaus, Christopher
2015 Ensuring good governance and preventing corruption in the planning of major sporting events: Open issuesMaennig, Wolfgang
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