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DateTitle Authors
2010 Blessing or curse? Appreciation, amenities and resistance around the Berlin 'Mediaspree'Ahlfeldt, Gabriel M.
2010 Explaining regional variation in equilibrium real estate prices and incomeBischoff, Oliver
2010 The 2010 World Cup high-frequency data economics: effects on international awareness and (self-defeating) tourismdu Plessis, Stan / Maennig, Wolfgang
2010 Sectoral labour market effects of the 2006 FIFA World CupFeddersen, Arne / Maennig, Wolfgang
2010 Do men slow down faster than women?Maennig, Wolfgang / Stobernack, Michael
2010 Lifestyles and preferences for (public) goods: Professional football in MunichAhlfeldt, Gabriel M. / Maennig, Wolfgang / Ölschläger, Michaela
2010 Mega-events and sectoral employment: The case of the 1996 Olympic GamesFeddersen, Arne / Maennig, Wolfgang
2009 Wage and employment effects of the Olympic Games in Atlanta 1996 reconsideredFeddersen, Arne / Maennig, Wolfgang
2009 Sports heroes and mass sports participation: The (double) paradox of the 'German tennis boom'Feddersen, Arne / Jacobsen, Sven / Maennig, Wolfgang
2009 On the relation between income inequality and happiness: Do fairness perceptions matter?Bjørnskov, Christian / Dreher, Axel / Fischer, Justina A. V. / Schnellenbach, Jan
2009 Regional and sectoral effects of a common monetary policy: Evidence from euro referenda in Denmark and SwedenAhlfeldt, Gabriel M. / Maennig, Wolfgang / Osterheider, Tobias
2009 Impact of non-smoking ordinances on hospitality revenues: The case of GermanyAhlfeldt, Gabriel M. / Maennig, Wolfgang
2009 Terrorism and the regional and religious risk perception of foreigners: The case of German touristsAhlfeldt, Gabriel M. / Franke, Bastian / Maennig, Wolfgang
2008 Determinants of spatial weights in spatial wage equations: A sensitivity analysisAhlfeldt, Gabriel M. / Feddersen, Arne
2008 Fifty years of urban accessibility: The impact of urban railway network on the land gradient in industrializing BerlinAhlfeldt, Gabriel M. / Wendland, Nicolai
2008 South Africa 2010: Economic scope and limitsAllmers, Swantje / Maennig, Wolfgang
2008 The feel-good effect at mega sport events: recommendations for public and private administration informed by the experience of the FIFA World Cup 2006Maennig, Wolfgang
2008 Geography of a sports metropolisAhlfeldt, Gabriel M. / Feddersen, Arne
2008 Investment in stadia and regional economic development: evidence from FIFA World Cup 2006Feddersen, Arne / Grötzinger, André L. / Maennig, Wolfgang
2008 Sozio-ökonomische Schätzungen olympischer Medaillengewinne: Analyse-, Prognose- und BenchmarkmöglichkeitenMaennig, Wolfgang / Wellbrock, Christian-Mathias
2008 The train has left the stadion: real estate price effects of mainline realignment in BerlinAhlfeldt, Gabriel M.
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