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DateTitle Authors
2006 The German Federal Court of Audit's observations of and comments on tax administration and tax complianceSchöbel, Enrico
2006 Design a contract! : A simple principal-agent problem as a classroom experimentGächter, Simon / Königstein, Manfred
2005 Politische Partizipation als Verbandsarbeit: Der Bund der Steuerzahler zwischen Mitgliederinteressen und GemeinwohlSchöbel, Enrico
2005 Hedonic regression for digital cameras in GermanyWinker, Peter / Rippin, Franziska
2005 The convergence of optimization based estimators : theory and application to a GARCH-modelWinker, Peter / Maringer, Dietmar
2005 The Stochastics of Threshold Accepting: Analysis of an Application to the Uniform Design ProblemWinker, Peter
2005 The Interplay of Organizational Demography and Institutional ChangeBeck, Nikolaus / Meyer, Mark
2005 Siblings and Educational Attainment in West GermanyBlaess, Virginie
2004 Using HP Filtered Data for Econometric Analysis : Some Evidence from Monte Carlo SimulationsWinker, Peter / Meyer, Mark