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DateTitle Authors
1995 Intellectual Property and Optimal Copyright ProtectionKoboldt, Christian
1995 Rational Samaritans, Strategic Moves, and Rule-Governed Behavior: Some Remarks on James Buchanan's "Samaritan's Dilemma"Koboldt, Christian
1995 Optimising Use of Cultural HeritageKoboldt, Christian
1995 Rational Cooperation In One-Shot Simultaneous Pd-SituationsHeiner, Ronald Asher / Schmidtchen, Dieter
1996 The EU-Directive on the Legal Protection of Databases and the Incentives to Update: An Economic AnalysisKoboldt, Christian
1996 Judicial Detection Skill, Litigational Opportunism, and Contractual ComplianceSchmidtchen, Dieter / Kirstein, Roland
1997 Imperfect Decision-Making and the Tax Payer PuzzleSchmidtchen, Dieter / Kirstein, Roland
1997 Judicial Detection Skill and Contractual ComplianceKirstein, Roland / Schmidtchen, Dieter
1997 Legal Cost Insurance as a Strategic DeviceKirstein, Roland
1997 Rechtsvereinheitlichung beim "droit de suite"? Ökonomische Analyse des Richtlinienentwurfs der Europäischen KommissionSchmidtchen, Dieter / Koboldt, Christian / Kirstein, Roland
1997 Spontaneous Order - Always Efficient? Comment on Patrick Simon's: "Emergence of a European Ius Commune"Kirstein, Roland
1997 Trade, Trust And The Territoriality Of The LawSchmidtchen, Dieter / Neunzig, Alexander R.
1997 Law And Economics In GermanyKirstein, Roland
1997 Kirche, Geld und SeelenheilSchmidtchen, Dieter
1998 Regulating Television and the Case of Football World CupHafner, Mathias / Neunzig, Alexander R.
1998 Funktionen und Schutz von "property rights": Eine ökonomische AnalyseSchmidtchen, Dieter
1998 Energierechtsreform und KommunalfinanzenBier, Christoph
1999 Legal Cost Insurance as a Strategic Device in Settlement NegotiationsKirstein, Roland
1999 Constitutions as Equilibria: A Game-theoretic Approach to Positive Constitutional EconomicsKirstein, Roland / Voigt, Stefan
1999 Wie die "unsichtbare Hand" funktioniert: Gewinnmaximierung als Triebfeder der Effizienz. Ein "classroom-experiment"Kirstein, Roland / Schmidtchen, Dieter
1999 Enlargement of the European Union and the approximation of law: Lessons from an economic theory of optimal legal areasSchmidt-Trenz, Hans-Jörg / Schmidtchen, Dieter
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