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DateTitle Authors
2014 Growth and unemployment in the presence of trend inflationTesfaselassie, Mewael
2014 A theory of wage adjustment under loss aversionAhrens, Steffen / Pirschel, Inske / Snower, Dennis J.
2014 Large-scale transition of economic systems: Do CEECs converge towards Western prototypes?Ahlborn, Markus / Ahrens, Joachim / Schweickert, Rainer
2014 When a random sample is not random: Bounds on the effect of migration on household members left behindSteinmayr, Andreas
2014 Validity of WTP measures under preference uncertaintyKniebes, Carola / Rehdanz, Katrin / Schmidt, Ulrich
2014 Exchange rate forecasts and expected fundamentalsDick, Christian D. / MacDonald, Ronald / Menkhoff, Lukas
2014 Accounting for context: Separating monetary and social incentivesBergh, Andreas / Wichardt, Philipp
2014 Sustainable intensification of pineapple farming in Ghana: Training and complexityWuepper, David / Sauer, Johannes / Kleemann, Linda
2014 Does corporate taxation deter multinationals? Evidence from a historic event in IrelandGörg, Holger / Strobl, Eric
2014 Gender differences in risk preferences and stereotypes: Experimental evidence from a matrilineal and a patrilineal societyPondorfer, Andreas / Omar Mahmoud, Toman / Rehdanz, Katrin / Schmidt, Ulrich
2014 Some surprising facts about working time accounts and the business cycleBalleer, Almut / Gehrke, Britta / Merkl, Christian
2014 Fiscal targeting rules and macroeconomic stability under distortionary taxationReicher, Claire A.
2014 Estimating direct and indirect effects of foreign direct investment on firm productivity in the presence of interactions between firmsGirma, Sourafel / Gong, Yundan / Görg, Holger / Lancheros, Sandra
2014 Reaching a climate agreement: Do we have to compensate for energy market effects of climate policy?Peterson, Sonja / Weitzel, Matthias
2014 The macroeconomic effects of fiscal consolidation in dynamic general equilibriumSchwarzmüller, Tim / Wolters, Maik H.
2014 Institutional constraints to political budget cycles in the enlarged EUAdemmer, Esther / Dreher, Ferdinand
2014 Creativity, education or what? On the measurement of regional human capitalBode, Eckhardt / Perez Villar, Lucia
2014 EU biofuel policies in practice: A carbon map for the Brazilian CerradoSöder, Mareike
2014 Migration experience, aspirations and the brain drain theory and empirical evidenceBöhme, Marcus H. / Glaser, Toni
2014 Monetary policy as an optimum currency area criterionGroll, Dominik
2014 Price and market behavior in Phase II of the EU ETSHintermann, Beat / Peterson, Sonja / Rickels, Wilfried
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